Nice Is the Life That You Live Now

Let’s use the word nice to express the immensity of presence. It is also ideal as a reminder or a mantra during daily activities. Furthermore, we associate nice with good. And, aware presence is a good way to live. 😊 In itself, the use of words is a component of our existence as a necessity for sharing with each other. Nevertheless, our attachment to the thoughts associated with words cause us difficulty. However, we can teach the mind not to expect us to remain a victim of this conditioned behavior. And, at the same time use a word such as nice for the purpose of expanding our conscious awareness.


We use verbal communication to express ourselves. How is this helpful? A word used to express something, such as NICE, is how we share an idea. However, the focus point of anything whether in the expression of the past, present or future should be now. Presence is the moment itself and not a word or thing within the moment. This sounds ridiculous but it is an unavoidable fact. Nonetheless, the conditioned mind expects you to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, it is nice, no pun intended, to fully awaken to the significance of you beingness within this moment.

Living Can Be a Nice Experience

The now is a virtual cooking pot of unmanifested energy that will manifest according to the ingredients you add. Therefore, deeper awareness of the true harmony within this moment is personally beneficial.  Additionally, this energy radiates outward and consciously vibrates throughout the collective realm of the universe that we co-create. Therefore, be aware of your thoughts and verbal interaction. Observe without attachment. This practice is beneficial to conscious awakening

However, this does not suggest that the now will always be nice or a peaceful paradise because these are mind concepts. And, life and the universe does not function in this way. There are many flowing frequencies of energy that can appear to cause either serenity or disruption. Nevertheless, recognize that good, bad and right or wrong are primarily mind delusions of anything. Practice active participation in the experience of living. Don’t let the mind be the master and your conscious awareness the servant. This results because of a world that is mostly unconscious to living in the presence of now. Acknowledge that the now will always be constantly everything. Thus, focus on living here and now.  Stay present and maintain a clear observation of the mind (thoughts and feelings). Always use the present moment as a point of reference.


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