Satan in Disguise While Baking Bread Rolls

Does the word Satan cause you anxiety or fear? Relax, everything is fine. This is only a word. And, just like everything, we experience the word based on conditioned thoughts and emotions. So, what is this devil that everyone fears? Satan is a symbol of fear, evil, and corruptions. As well as, anything considered bad and deceitful. Hebrew scriptures and documents from before 300 BCE often use this word (root word s‘tn). The word is a derivative of the Hebrew verb satan. The original meaning meant to oppose. The Christian church used the Hebrew Scriptures Greek translation of the word. They translated satan as diaboloc from which we derive our English term devil and diabolic. (source:


So, our understanding of the universe implies that the devil is the root of all evil. These thoughts and beliefs are equal to the countless stories of a God or gods. A devil is the opposing force to all that is good. Thus, we entertain ourselves with God and devil misconceptions and labels. We superimpose these into our daily experiences. Love a God and fear the devil are typical dogmas throughout the world. And yet, there is also a certain type of fascination about the devil. But, so what? We tell similar stories and make comparable assumptions about many of our experiences throughout history. Human beings have an acute imagination and fantasy primarily based on creativity, fascination, and fear.

Satan and God in Everyday Situations

But, the origin of the word Satan was a simple term that described someone that opposes. We will never know the actual how’s and why’s. Nevertheless, this word is just an expressive description of someone’s experience. Likewise, such assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs are typical examples of conditioning and fear. Stories, speculations, and even research about the devil are inconsistent. Equally, are the inconsistencies pertaining to a God or gods. Have we imposed a prince of darkness into our life experience? The answer is obviously yes.

We do this with the devil, God, and most mind-generated details. I spoke about this topic with a yoga master a few days ago. My suggestion is that humankind systematically established Satan and God in every aspect of our existence. Then I shared an example that Eckhart Tolle uses in his books. Eckhart Tolle was not talking precisely about the devil in the following example. But, perhaps his wish was to imply the difficulties that humankind places upon itself in each moment.

A person lives on a tropical island. And, he or she has everything needed to live comfortably. Still, it does not take long until this person finds a self-styled devil in the Garden of Eden. This evil and badness manifests in many forms. However, each and every supposed devil is strictly a self-created entity. This might be mosquitos, rain, or even too much sand on the beach. A person believes a devil is always responsible for anything we think or label as bad, deceitful, or tempting. Your conscious awakening can benefit from the realization that you solely define things as bad or good. Thus accordingly, you (the mind) seek and need a symbol for one or the other.

Satan and God Baking Bread Rolls

The yoga master then offers me a similar example. He works part-time in a bakery. His specialty is baking bread rolls. He explained that each baking pan holds thirty bread rolls. The bread rolls slide from the bake tray by slightly tipping it. The baked rolls slide into a larger container for delivery. The yoga master observes something fascinating each time he empties the bake tray. There is always one bread roll that slides out of the tray at a strange angle. He said that each and every time one bread roll slides off the tray and onto the table or floor. Instead of into the transport container.

He said that this experience is an example of a devil in disguise because we label it as something bad.  Nonetheless, he does not share a personal or collective belief in a God or devil. Instead, he feels that we impose the word / term God or devil unto our experiences. Thus, we expect to find goodness or evil in everything. Is this the basis for our assumptions and beliefs? If so, we have restricted our state of being as improbable without a God or devil. But, we are. Therefore, a God or devil is overkill in our experience of life.

Also, we misinterpret, thus, misuse the ancient word Satan, as well as God, for personal and collective purposes and advantages. Is this not true for so many other words, thoughts, beliefs, and concepts? Please share your ideas and insights in the comment section relating to this topic.

Wishing you a happy and safe day

P.S. In case you missed the conscious awakening signpost. This article as nothing to do with Satan or God.


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