You Are a Butterfly Gliding in the Wind

The evolution of humankind marks a milestone in self-conscious development among objects in the known universe. We began this journey as babies looking to the sky. Moreover, we were, perhaps, the first known species to ask why? We have struggled and fought with this self-realization. However, to what end? It would seem that we continue to overlook what we have always known. The origin of life lies deep within us. Furthermore, we are a manifestation of this mystery. It is everywhere, all around us. The recognition and acceptance of this vibrating essence will release us from a self-inflicted suffering. You are consciously awakened and aware. Now it is time to spread your wings to fly as a new born butterfly.


Butterflies Are Always Flying

Butterflies are flying.
The warm sky is so blue.
The sun shines brightly as the days go by.
Butterflies could be seen from far and wide.

There they glide in the air.
The breeze holds them aloft, or so it would seem.
There is a deep joy in seeing how they flutter.
It is the beauty of flight, a thrill to fly.
Some gently glide over forget-me-nots.
The soft wind always under their wings.
High and low they fly.
Bobbing like a yo-yo.
These are the butterflies of spring.
But alas, spring is gone.

And now the summer months have come.
This is the season of the butterfly.
Just behold; it is grand.
Moreover, there are so many to be seen.
Although sometimes there is only one, other times two.
Here, on the blazing star flower, they can often be seen.
The air around the plant is ablaze, flying colors galore.
The butterflies busily collect pollen as they glide to and fro.

The world over is where they can be seen.
Be on the lookout and take care.
There are butterflies everywhere.

Butterfly Born to Fly

They are the colors of the rainbow.
From cocoon to wing,
They are blue, brown, and gold.
However, autumn has arrived too soon, it would seem.

The butterflies became fewer.
But where did they go?
There is a chill in the air as winter unfolds.
Nevertheless, a butterfly can still be seen.
It is on the short sun-drenched days that they still fly about.
Look there!
Over yonder, a butterfly basking in the sun.
But alas, the day is almost done.
Now the first snowflakes have come.

Presently most butterflies withdraw.
A transformation will transpire.
Thereby the butterfly becomes a pupa
A pupa, you ask? What does this mean?
This represents growth; it is as simple as that.
This is the path to maturity.

You and a butterfly are similar.
Both instinctively know that to live is to fly.
Therefore, a transformation is desired.
However, your path is conscious maturity.
Here you are now; look inside.
It has already begun.
The mind was your cocoon.
However, with it you are done.
You look beyond to a mystical place.
It had once seemed afar.
Yet here and now it is always near.
Where have the butterflies gone?

Look inside and remember.
It is you, this beautiful butterfly.
Spread your wings and learn to fly.

P.S. This is one of many poems in my latest book “Love Will Show You the Way“.


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