Do You Live in the Suchness of Now?

Have we forgotten how to live? Sound ridicules? This question is not as crazy as you think. Why do we insist on avoiding the suchness of life? We overlook the simplicity that is at the foundation of life and love. Complexity is the name of the game in our world. So, we make the endeavors associated with interpreting and defining life and love our priorities. But, just living and loving have become secondary in our life experiences. We are usually busy doing something or asking questions about everything. Thus, we see the beauty and true significance of being here and now as trivial. This same pattern of misunderstanding is evident in matters of the heart, such as love. We insist on pursuing our love interpretations and expectations, instead of just pure and simple loving.


The awakening of self-consciousness was wonderful and equally burdening. Mind development overshadowed this awakening. Thus, conditioned behavior became the foundation of our existence through the intervention of the mind. And, many of these patterns still contaminate a modern existence that is relatively simplistic. Consequently, and ultimately, the suchness of life is undeniable. And yet, we usually want life to be anything other than what it is now. Nevertheless, perhaps a conscious evolution is upon us. More and more people are consciously aware.  There is always the suchness (Tathātā, Buddhism) of now. Therefore, living within presence frees us from the concepts of the mind. Not by avoiding the mind. But, rather by accepting thoughts, emotions and situations as temporary.

Embrace the Suchness of Life as It Is Without Demanding What It Is Not

The beauty of life is always here, manifesting itself through our person. However, non-awareness desensitizes us. Yes, we love, but we use more energy and effort defining love than actually being in loving.

“One significant realization is that we exist in life and love engulfs us.”

Love, as well as life continuously manifest through us. Nevertheless, we label love, i.e., as unreachable or acquirable only through sacrifice or loss. There are human attributes that strongly influence these illusions. These are the same attributes that are responsible for our delusions of life. It always comes back to observations made in our previous conversations. The mind/thoughts, emotions and conditioning factors manipulate and impair our level of conscious awareness. Nonetheless, these restrictive side effects are nothing more than temporary byproducts of the mind’s evolutionary development. Still, our incapability to live and love in non-attachment and non-dependency hold us in a state of unawareness.

P.S. This article is an excerpt from my latest book. Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance


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