Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who Am I?

The mirror from the story Snow White is well-known to most people. The evil queen wanted recognition as the fairest person of them all. And, this behavior suggests that the queen had gone mad due to what she saw in the mirror. But, the evil queen did not see her true self. Neither, with or without a mirror. Furthermore, what she saw in the mirror was strictly of the mind. These mind interpretations obscured the innate presence, stillness and beauty within the queen. The queen’s dilemma happens to us each day because we look but do not truly see.


Okay, let’s expand on this topic. What happens when you stand in front of a mirror? What do you see? You probably answer this question with the obvious answer that you see yourself. This is what the mind has taught you to see, think and believe. Nevertheless, I ask that you look beyond what the mind’s interpretation of your reflection. Therefore, look deep within yourself. Likewise, use the reflection of yourself strictly as a passage to the inner self. Now, ask yourself again. What do you see? Realize that there is a depth to your beingness that is not obvious at first glance.

A Mirror Will Always Reflect What You See

Presence, as a state of being is here in this moment. Your awakened awareness allows consciousness to see itself through the part of you that is beyond the mind. Nevertheless, you turn your head to the left and then the right while looking in a mirror. The mind convincingly tells you that this reflects yourself. Thus, you think that this image is real and absolutely tangible. Why does this reflection seem so real? Because the mind tricks you into focusing on the superficialities within your existence. But, these distractions distort the experience of life. Thus, this restricts the manifestation of your conscious inner presence within here and now.

The stillness and peace you seek is here and now. The image you see of yourself in the mirror is a portal. Therefore, look at the reflection of yourself. Observe the image you see. Do you have wants? Do you interpret the reflection staring back at you? Just stop. Realize that there is a depth to yourself that is not obvious at first glance. What are you? Ultimately, you are the experience that is experiencing the experience in this moment. I realize that this statement seems abstract, at first glance. No pun intended. 😊 Therefore, reflect deeply on this statement just as you would with the mirror reflection of yourself. Observe the moment beyond mind interpretations. You will always see everything as a reflection of yourself. Thus, choose how to observe yourself. Make this choice through the observation of conscious beingness. Focus on being and do not focus on the interpretations of being.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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