Heart Flow: Life Is Eternal and so Are You

Heart flow is a way to express the union of human consciousness with universal consciousness. Nevertheless, acknowledging, accepting, and allowing are prerequisites for this unification. How long have you been alive? Primarily, as a manifestation of life, you are ageless. Secondarily, as this object manifestation called you that comes and goes.  You are outside walking in nature. Suddenly, the fragrance of blossoming flowers fills the air. Something shifts in your state of being. You experience something that is much more than just the smell of flowers. Is this just your memory? Or, has your conscious essence awakened to the eternity of being?


Factors, such as memory and even conditioning, play a role in how we experience living. Still, we innately know that there is more to living. It is the space beyond mind that unites us with life. So, what does our heart flow tell us in a moment of awakening? We acknowledge living through the observation of object consciousness. But, who is observing this awakened moment? Universal consciousness. This is the essence of our being.

Living, being, object and universal consciousness. These can be confusing to the mind. But, please realize, you are not your mind. The mind tries to understand living. The mind uses object consciousness as a slave. This slavery is only possible when a person is unconsciously living. Being is living. Thus, a moment of awakened awareness nurtures the acceptance of our eternal being. How do we tune into our relationship with object consciousness? We can express this as listening to our heart. This is the first step to accepting our eternal being.

Tune into Your Heat Flow

Every person has experienced the unity that is beyond mind details and limits. The intensity and length of conscious awareness will be different with each person. However, everyone feels it to some degree. A conversation fascinated me a few days ago. The person that I chatted with expressed how it felt to become consciously awakened. She stated it in this manner I have learned to listen and to trust my heart. This is an idiom that is well-known throughout the world. We hear this in songs and conversations. But what does listen to your heart really mean?

Listening to your heart is to allow life to live through you. It is a simple acceptance of the universal creativeness that is flowing through everything. This is the indescribable sensation. It is something that is beyond mind and body.  But, at the same time, experienced by the mind and body through awakened awareness to consciousness.

The key is in balancing the mind, body, and human consciousness with universal life consciousness. The heart flow (human conscious state) is persistent with our existence. But, you are much more than the mind and more than the mind’s self-conscious image. Hence, object consciousness and life energy consciousness are synonymous. And, this will become more and more apparent as we consciously awaken. Therefore, trust the vibrations of life energy. United creative flowing energy will be the eventual outcome of this trusting partnership. Object and universal consciousness accept being one.


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