The Beginning to the End and Again and Again

Would it be accurate to say that everything has a beginning and an end? Let’s rephrase. Everything that we experience begins and ends. This is in reference to and strictly from the level of our existence. These cycles of start and stop, come and go, do and don’t are repetitive. Likewise, everything except living often results in anticipation, attachment, joy, or frustration; to name a few. This imposes limitation illusions unto our essentially boundless state of being.  Please reflect on this insight before you continue reading.


Living (being) is to experience life. This is flowing energy. There is no beginning or end. Life is, so to say, alive. You manifest this energy. There are two possibilities. Go with the flow. Or resist. But, it seems that we would rather resist the flow. Nevertheless, is is as it is. But, we should not define or label our inquiry into conscious awakening. Such behavior is typical for the mind. Still, we are becoming aware. Henceforth, we live life fully and practice consciously observing the mind’s activities. Thus, we will not adhere to thoughts and conditioned behavior.

No Beginning and No End

Yes, there will be repetition in our daily activities. This is unavoidable. However, this does not imply a beginning nor an end. But, we are mostly oblivious to living. No, I am not referring to our activities in life. Instead, it seems that we overlook the depth of living. All too often we remain on a horizontal line. We think of life as being flat. We are unable or unwilling to take a plunge into the depth of life. Let’s reflect on the insight mentioned in the first paragraph. Everything but living results in some type of conditioned behavior unless a person is actively conscious.

Object consciousness expands through the simple acknowledgement that you live. This is absolute. (See also the Buddhist doctrine of The Two Truths.) Living is a pure energy manifestation. This frequency is not dependent on the object through which it vibrates. But, the object can benefit through acceptance of this energy’s true essence. What does this suggest? Well, let’s recapitulate with the hope of providing additional clarity.

To be presence or, we can say, to be aware of living is to recognize the divine infinity of being. Therefore, to acknowledge living consciously (living in the moment) is to live without a beginning or an end. This is valid regardless of the experience. Please remember this suggests pure and simplified living without the details of our existence. And truly living is ultimately being alive without object-based limitations.   


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