Your Thoughts About Life Mean Nothing

We define life through interpretations of our existence and the details surrounding any situation. So, what does this really mean in the tapestry of life? It means nothing. What does our understanding of life and love really mean? You guessed it. It means nothing. Please don’t misinterpret. Yes, life and love seem to mean something from a relative and practical perspective. Nevertheless, be honest with yourself. Your thoughts and feelings about life and love keep you on a roller coaster. Today you are happy about life. But, tomorrow life sucks. You soar high in love this moment. However, an hour later you claim that love stinks and is only for the lucky people.  


Therefore, our interpretations, assumptions and labels mean nothing. All mind structures change according to the wants and demands of a given person or collective group of people. Thus, subsequently, and quite strangely, we determine life and love according to thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Do you see the irony of this behavior? Let me clarify. What you think about life is not truly living life. Likewise, what you feel about love is not the same as simply loving. We don’t experience life as it is this moment. Instead, we experience it as we think it is, or should be, in any given situation. But, we can’t determine the essence of life or love, generally speaking, through the use of any mind conceptions.

How You Wish Life to Be or Not to Be Means Nothing

Life is, there is no interpretation, definition, or evaluation to actually explain this mystery.  It is much easier to experience life and love when we focus on what is beyond established structures. For example, it would be wonderful to experience life from a basis of acceptance and appreciation. One of the easiest methods to experience conscious awareness is to release ourselves from the mind. This might first sound impossible, or at least very confusing. But consciously living life is easier then we think. Equally, it is easy to unconditionally love.

This realization, let’s say acceptance, may be the ticket to a constant state of presence. This is what humankind has so vigorously sought since the awakening of self- consciousness. Still, we have paid a terrible price in the search for a purpose in life. Please note that I may occasionally use the term life to signify love and vice versa.

I wish you a joyful day.


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