And the Walls Come Crashing Down

We experience life in an object existence filled with perpetual walls. However, these are not only physical barriers. There are also such structures that consist of nothing more than mind induced thoughts and images. Nevertheless, mentally constructed blockades seem very durable and even more difficult to surmount then the physical walls.

Moreover, these obstacles have been firmly established in our existence. The mind’s complexity has interlaced these into our daily experiences. This gives the appearance of a virtual mansion with rooms. The mind has constructed endless numbers of these imaginary mental rooms. These often seem inescapable. However, there are doors and windows to a void beyond the mind. Nevertheless, most of us choose to stay within the boundaries of these well-established mental barriers.

The reasons for this are many. Fear, ego and conditioned behavior are the most prevalent reasons for existing within a given mental room. Still, we feel the possibilities beyond the walls. The doors and windows in such a room are always there for us to use. Therefore, there is one question to ask. Why don’t we use them? We can escape conditioned thought behavior through these portals. Presence is the key to this realm of space consciousness.

Walls and Rooms of Illusions

Daily experiences contain subtle invitations for us to escape these rooms. A conscious door or window offers a way beyond the impairments and isolation of mental wall frameworks. These portals to space consciousness are always there. However, the mind and its mental thought game usually dominate object consciousness during most experiences. The mind does its best to conceal the universality of life. It does this by manipulating the self into conforming to its demands of restrictions, fears and suppression.

It should be noted that in this case the self is in reference to the image the mind has constructed. We think of object consciousness as the one self. This is also only a mind game that is based on duality. There is in essence really only the one true self. This does not really need to be defined as self. It is simply life in its totality that has become conscious of itself. Life cannot be restricted or suppressed. However, the mind can cause an unaware person to think or believe that we are separate from it.

Living without Walls

The mind is the builder of these mental walls. Nonetheless, we can easily pulverize these walls within a single moment of true awareness. There are energy frequencies that manifest through all objects. A higher state of consciousness awareness suggests a higher frequency output. This frequency is ultimately pure. Nonetheless, it can become contaminated by thoughts and emotions. Nevertheless, the essence of universal consciousness is wholesome. However, the mind has conditioned us to believe otherwise.

The mind and its state of being are usually structured into three categories. There is the consciousness, the subconsciousness and unconsciousness. Everyone is probably familiar with each of the three. However, this is where it gets interesting. If there is a mind needed to establish and develop consciousness, then where is the “mind” that has established universal consciousness / oneness? Could we be the very mind (personally and collectively) that has established consciousness in the universe? Or is it possible that every life-form with any degree of object consciousness is a co-creator of the universal consciousness dimension? It would seem logical that the latter is true. 

A deeper awareness to object consciousness determines the frequency level input – output into the universe; the more conscious you are…the more conscious you will be. You are consciousness.

Best wishes

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