Synchronicity and Acceptance of Life

Synchronicity. We often use this word in spirituality topics. Therefore, let’s start this conversation with definition examples to consider.

  • The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
  • An apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated.


Additionally, harmony, peace and accord are several synonyms for synchronicity. Therefore, let’s express the acceptance of any given moment as a manifesting flow of harmony. And, this is a plausible explanation for random experiences that seem to fall into place. Acceptance of what is, offers spaciousness and inner peace. Thus, you are in accord with yourself, the universe and life. However, confusion often arises as a result of mental and emotional interference. The mind insists that you can only experience harmony when everything unfolds in accordance with your wishes or wants. Consequently, imagine what happens when you don’t get what you desire or want. You complain and you blame everyone and everything for causing a lack of harmony in any given situation.

Synchronicity Nurtures Conscious Clarity

Therefore, let’s consider how acceptance can influence the mind’s conditioned reactions. Recall any recent interaction with yourself, other people or situations that you did not willingly accept. What was the result of your non-acceptance? Tension, anxiety, confusion, anger and fear are several side-effects of this non-acceptance behavior. You feel that everything is closing in on you during this state of non-acceptance. And, a lack of conscious presence results as you continue to deny the actuality of a situation. Are you familiar with this type of behavior? If yes, I have something for you to consider.

The one constant in this universe is change. Universal energy consists of frequencies that flow in accordance with a natural process. Additionally, it is possible to influence any given frequency. Thus, and obviously, either acceptance or non-acceptance influences the manifestation of energy. So, let’s choose acceptance as our desired influence on universal energy. Logically, our unification with this flow allows conscious expansion instead of restriction. In turn, this harmonious relationship nurtures possibilities. Thus, acceptance nurtures your life experiences. It is possible to co-create with the universe. Hence, acceptance, of that which is, can promote more synchronicity between what you desire and what you actually receive. Thus, you discover fulfillment in any situation whether it is what you want or that which you get.

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