Words Are Best Used and Then Forgotten

Words are only symbols. We use them as sticky tags. Thus, they seem to take on a meaning according to a thought or feeling. So, here is poem that offers a portal to the spaciousness beyond the labels and meanings.


Words are only expressions
And yes, these terms take on meaning.
But, these tags, in reference to living, can cause confusion.
So, what is right or wrong?
Everyone wants to know.
But, no one can really say.
And, such assertions only conceal the true way.
A word or phrase always demands attention.

However, Words Are, at Best, Stepping Stones

They only detain, constrain, and cause obscurity.
Do this and don’t do that is what we hear.
So, the word you choose will define your course.
It seems so easy. Oh really? But, of course.
A single word seems to tell you so much.

But do words really come from the source?
The source is the self.
Likewise, the ultimate sense of being.
Therefore, look within before you look outward.
The self of being is there and all around.
Of this, there is no doubt.
The inward manifests as the outward

Alas, there is always a lot of mind chitchat.
We drown in words each day.
This happens in many different ways.
A friend, a foe, the TV, the radio, and mind endlessly babble.
Alas, a yes or no would often suffice.
But, the mind never ceases.
So, what of life and living?
Still, the sun is warm.
This is so, with or without conversation.
Likewise, rain will fall.
Thus, there is no need for interpretation.
So, cease all this senseless chatter.
Words are without meaning.
Is this how we should live?

“Words, thoughts, and emotions are like rain drops. Thus, each will come and go.”

It might seem that writing and sharing this poem is contradictory to the insight I express about (not) using words. Still, reflect on this insight. And, when you are ready, realize that these symbols are helpful as signposts to the mystery beyond. 😊 

Wishing you a joyful and safe day.


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