Is Life Obligated to You? Does Life Owe You?

Do these questions seem odd to ask? Still, we expect life to give us something every day. Whether we are aware of it or not. We demand that life be fair. We assume living means getting what we want. Yes, indeed! Life is obligated to do our bidding. You may say that I am generalizing and the majority of people don’t think this way. However, we all do, at some given level. It is, so to say, in our blood. Life owes us. But, life is not here to fulfill our desires. Or, is it?  


We must first burst this illusion bubble before we can truthfully answer this question. The origin and implication of this conditioned thinking started long ago (clock-time). But, when these expectations started is irrelevant. We attach ourselves to thinking patterns and belief systems. These dictate that everyone should live in paradise. Hence, Life has an obligation to give us the ideal circumstances to obtain nirvana. Thus, we are apprehensive about living. This causes us to await something from life. This is actually a self-inflected dependence. Furthermore, these expectancies and anxieties are there in the background of our activities. This is the fuel that the mind uses. Thoughts and feelings can quickly enslave us. Hence, a vicious cycle of repetition entangles us. Awakening to consciousness will allow us to acknowledge mind behavior. Conscious awareness will benefit exponentially from this realization. 

Is Life Obligated to Do Your bidding?

How often do you say the following?
– Life is unfair.
– What does life have against me?
– I try and I try, but life kicks me when I’m down.

Do you really expect life to roll out the red carpet? Yes, exactly! Knowingly or unknowingly, you are waiting for something. But, expecting something is a misguided assumption. It is wiser to give life everything because you will experience and receive what you have given. More so, truly allowing universal life energy to flow will reveal a reality beyond the mind’s comprehension. Does this sound too easy? Am I generalizing again? Naturally, I cannot answer this for you. Simply be willing to look inside yourself. Do this consciously without attachment or expectancy and you will know. Life is not obligated to you. Nor, you to it. But, WOW! Check out what unfolds when you are willing and able to experience everything together as one.

Best wishes



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