You Owe It to Yourself

Have you heard this statement before? Let’s look at the following idioms from a spiritual perspective. Many people insist that someone or something owes them. He or she owes me. Life owes me. Or, even commonly said. The universe owes me. Let’s look closer at this last phrase. What does the universe own you? The majority of the populace expects a reward or a type of payback. But, for what? Furthermore, and Likewise, isn’t it you and I that owes the universe for our existence? Nevertheless, the universe and life don’t expect any reimbursement. Still, the bottom line is that the universe and life owe us nothing.


However, do you owe yourself? If yes, then what? Acknowledge the beingness of your person. Correspondingly, realize the depth and significance of your essence as a universal being. It is beneficial to know that you don’t need to do anything, other than to be yourself. This suggests not trying to be someone or something different. Consequently, you don’t need to try to do this or that. It is enough to just be. Your isness, without attachments, offer an unbiased acceptance of being, regardless of any temporary details within the act of living.

To Owe or Not to Owe? That is the question.

Whether you think the universe owes you. Or, if you believe you owe yourself. Either type of behavior causes attachment, expectancy and displacement. And, I emphasize that these reactions are very restrictive to living in conscious presence. Furthermore, the outcome of any situation results due to these types of unintended interactions. Attachment causes many dysfunction symptoms. Expectancy initiates erratic unpredictability, confusion and fear. Displacement is equally the consequence of unconscious and conditional reactions that impair equilibrium in our state of beingness.

Therefore, living without owing or thinking that someone or something owes you is beneficial to aware presence and conscious enlightenment. Again, I emphasize that any form of attachment or expectancy is detrimental to living in harmony with yourself. And, the inner self is the true catalyst for all you experience. Therefore, the inner journey done in nonattachment is essential to your conscious beingness.


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