Expectations: What Do You Want?

Expectations are based on thoughts and emotions. These are, in other words, products of the mind. This determines how we react to a situation. However, an expectation depends on clock time to exist. It can only thrive when you are not aware of living in presence. The acknowledgement of this moment will render an expectation obsolete. Nevertheless, it is still possible to desire something and even focus on its manifestation without the expectations. This probably sounds somewhat confusing. Please allow me to continue.


The mind is occupied with memories, assumptions and beliefs associated with a non-existent past or an equally non existent future. Therefore, we seem to remain separate from this moment. It is a means to an end in our attempt to reach the next moment. Expectations or fear usually cause this type of conditioned behavior.

Hence, the present everlasting moment remains separated from us. We focus on a past or future moment and see now as insignificant. Mind-generated thoughts obscure presence. The next moment is based on the assumption that it will be good or bad. We interact in this manner with any given moment. Expectation is always in the background of our activities.

Fear and expectations are very inhibiting to the acceptance and expansion of our form consciousness. This holds us in a mind created loop of disillusions. We assume, believe and interpret everything from the viewpoint of mind-generated content. There is sometimes a slight, although brief, indication of awakened consciousness. Nonetheless, this is strictly at the level of form consciousness. Nevertheless, object consciousness innately senses universal consciousness. However, it seldom enters the portal due to overwhelming mind-made details. 

Expectations Are Illusions

This may hold a key to understanding why our brains intellectual capacity has rapidly increased (evolutionary clock time). However, object consciousness has struggled severally to establish itself as more than just a puppet of the mind. This impairment has tipped the scale. Furthermore, we seldom experience balance and harmony between mind and body. Thoughts and emotions basically fill the void of consciousness with useless content garbage. Therefore, we cannot remain active in the now.

I find myself asking a question that you and many others have probably also asked. How do we stop this repetitive cycle of thoughts? This conditioned behavior usually blocks the portal to our consciousness; thus also universal consciousness. Therefore, consciousness is there but hidden.This is similar to the sun on a cloudy day. It is there but you cannot feel it. Consciousness is energy. This is perhaps the best description we can give this mystery. Therefore, it is constant. Nonetheless, unobserved thoughts and emotions manipulate our conscious awareness.

This is a very accurate description of the processes that occur in our brain. Fatal is when we are not actually aware of how insignificant most of these processes are in living a moment of presence. It is the transformation of energy. The co-creation of any manifestation results whether you are expecting it or not. It is no necessary for you to expect it. Additionally, what you experience usually manifests differently than how you had expected, wished or wanted. 

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