Does It Hurt? The Mind Says Yes

Please read the next sentence and then pause before you continue. Would it be accurate to say that we often hurt because of circumstances, people, and things? No, this is not true. The concept of suffering is an implanted genetic and conditioned factor. But, how often do we really hurt? The mind complains about one thing or another. And, something it is literally disagreeable about everything. This is regardless if it is mental or physical. Unfortunately, we (unconsciousness) also complain when the mind disapproves of something.


But, this is only due to conditioned behavior. It is possible to awaken. You are resting outside on the patio. The neighbor starts to mow the grass. Oh no, the mind screams. What does the neighbor have against me? The lawn mower is getting on my nerves. There is frustration and often initiates suffering. Does this situation really cause hurt? No, of course not. The mind, on the contrary, will say yes. And, a person is usually more than willing to believe these thoughts.

Healing Hurt Instantly

We believe the mind and its stories. This thought or belief is strong and seems to ricochet throughout our body from head to toe. But, don’t take this personally. Many people want to experience consciousness. They become frustrated when this doesn’t happen like the mind thinks it should. Furthermore, mind conditioning is very persuasive. A person reacts unconsciously when dominated by the mind. We could say that many people are not aware of the conscious that is our true being. That’s okay. Either they will or they won’t. Either way, it is as it is now. Still, don’t let the words fool you. To be conscious is simply to deeply be aware of being.

This state of being takes on many forms. Consciousness is a frequency of energy. Therefore, to be conscious is to know that you are being. What are you being? That is up to you. You can either be what the mind constantly insists. Or, you can be what you are without needing the mind to tell you. We can move beyond this pattern of thought reaction by simply acknowledging thoughts and feelings. Then let go of anything that is not necessary for this moment.


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