Harmony Is at the Foundation of Beingness

We all want peace. Don’t we? This desire lies deep down at the root of our essence. Harmony and unity are within the universal blueprint. The essence of stillness is Synchronicity. Let’s call this ground zero or simply a state of being. Therefore, an inquiry into the underlying nature of this universal vibration is consciously beneficial in our life experience. Still, this topic is perplexing to the mind. Thus, please use the following insight as an exercise in conscious awareness beyond the mind.


It is unlikely that life or consciousness implores universal objects to find peacefulness. However, a simple state being automatically generates a universal blissful rhythm. Then along comes countless objects forms that also produce vibrations at different levels. I can understand if you choose to debate this insight. After all, conditioning causes the mind to resist simplicity. Of course, there are many viewpoints and perspectives that reflect a person’s mind-made code of conduct. But, let’s focus on that magical something beyond mind details. Non-manifested stillness is at the core of your being. This is inner peace.

Harmony and Unity Are One

Thus, there is oneness within being. Hence, the state of being is dependent on you.  You, me, and all objects influence universal energy consciousness. This, in turn, manifests as the isness of now. Synchronicity, therefore, is a choice. Let’s simplify this consideration. You are either at peace. Or, you are not. The word at suffices as an expression of being here and now. 

Therefore, this state of being is a reference to enlightenment. Enlightenment is neither magical nor mystical. A state of enlightened being is the willingness to simply accept being. Therefore, the willingness to awaken and experience being validates living and enlightenment. True awareness of being is foundation to enlightenment. Please note that this does not suggest any given detail of being, such as happy, sad, good or bad. These are mind details. Therefore, these have no significance in our essential state of being. The practice of aware beingness is the portal to enlightenment. And, it is the dismissal of separation as we dismiss traditional conditioning caused by thoughts, beliefs, behaviorism, and dogmas. Peacefulness and harmony are obvious when we shift away from the above-mentioned aspects of our mind-made existence.

Wishing you a happy day.


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