Prison of the Mind and You Have the Key

There is a place that is always within reach. This place is a dimension of unbounded possibilities. The mind knows of this place and probably doesn’t care if there is such a space. Because, this place is beyond the mind. Thus, conscious awareness remains just out of reach. Likewise, problems arise when we aren’t actively aware of the mind’s activities. This creates a prison of the mind.


This prison is of our own design. We build and rebuild this cage on a foundation of Thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, and fear. And, we choose to stay entrapped within the walls. But, these are only walls that exist in the mind. Yet, are not really a part of the mind. Or are they? The mind processes information. The mind thinks. The next consideration is whether a person thinks that he or she is the mind. Or, is our true self the observer of the mind? The mind itself is probably indifferent to what we do with the information it processes. And, the mind does not intend to trap us. Only thoughts and emotions comprise the mind cage. However, these seem so real.

Beyond the Mind Prison

Nonetheless, it is only thoughts and feelings that restrict our freedom. But, remember, you have the key. That is simple enough to understand, isn’t it? Therefore, we are the architects of our existence. We can realize our conscious freedom in the blink of an eye. But, the mind builds the barriers and thinks these are walls. This results from our unawareness of awareness (active consciousness). What would happen if we looked upon our thoughts and emotions with active awareness? This suggests first observing the mind before we become trapped in the details of any situation. Hence, the mind barriers would instantly crumple. Furthermore, we would realize, through conscious awareness of the mind, that we have always been free.

Yes, It Is Only a Prison of the Mind

There is a place that is not far away.
It is place that never offers a true face.
It may first seem a paradise of delight.
A place filled with sugar and spice.

But be weary, for all is not as it seems.
This place can be a cage for those who partake.
The glamour and thrill soon subsides.
There are walls there that are unreal but yet seem real.

The walls close in.
This wonderland then shows it true form.
The mind holds us prisoners.
The surrounding walls are frightening.
They seem so ominous, truly inescapable.

The mind does not care.
It does what it must; it thinks and it thinks.
Yes, the mind can be a prison. But, wait.
You are the jail keeper.
You are the one who watches and knows.

The walls, that are not really walls, then fall away.
The way becomes clear as the door opens wide.
Still, the mind will do this again and again, that is what it does.
But you now know the truth; these walls cannot hold you

Now you see and you know.
The truth is in you.
It is you.
Thus, fully experience yourself.
It can only ever be now.

Wishing you a happy and safe day!


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J. Stephens
J. Stephens
3 years ago

Hi, I connected with you blog yesterday and have read many of your articles, that I have truly enjoyed. One word google search brought me here “is-ness! I am gratiful as it was by design.

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