Overdramatize How You Live, but Why?

Do you like drama? Consider this question reflectively before you answer. People love to overdramatize. We literally thrive on making a mountain out of a mole hill. Most experiences are taking out of proportion. And, we usually exaggerating the details of a situation. For example, remain still and observe your reactions to the above sentences. Are you (mind) adversely interpreting what I have written? This is to say, you might take what I have written as something personal. This is because we take most things very personal. Even when something has nothing to do with us.


But, this is not how the mind sees a situation. Thoughts will tell you fabricated stories about an experience. Naturally, the mind bases everything on memories, anticipations, and fear. Thus, conditioned behavior causes you to overemphasize your role in whatever is unfolding. Hence, you overdramatize.  Pause here and again observe the mind. Do you recall any situation that caused anxiety, stress or fear? I personally can confirm that this has happened to me at least once today.

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Don’t Overdramatize any Experience

What experiences can we use to illustrate our unconscious interaction in a situation? Everyone will have his or her own list of daily situations that can cause an overreaction. Here are a few examples from my own experiences. My eyes have a condition called deuteranomaly (red-green-yellow color vision deficiency). This was perplexing for me as a child. Kids would laugh at me. I couldn’t see certain colors and offset shades of colors. I often colored a picture and used red instead of brown or violet instead of blue. Shades of green and yellow all looked the same to me.  A mental complexity developed in my youth. This conditioned behavior resulted due to a lack of awareness.

Experience the simplicity within any situation, thought, or feeling through acceptance. My eyes have a color vision deficiency. So, what? You unintentionally drop something. Or, you accidentally hit your finger with a hammer. Again, so what? Just consciously observe what is and then say yippee, nothing really matters. Don’t take anything too personal. You don’t need to overelaborate, blame yourself or someone else. And, don’t ask why something is as it is. It’s fine. Don’t be a drama queen. Stop the drama theater. Nothing usually matters because things, situations, and people are temporary. Impermanence is constant.


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