Automatic Random Output

The title “Automatic Random Output” suggests that we are going to discuss computer calculations. However, it is a reference to conditioned mind behavior. The title is a proper description of our mind activities. A person usually accepts conditioned mind behavior as normal; even necessary. Furthermore, we interact with the flow of mind output similarly to the behavior of a laboratory mouse.

Thoughts and feelings programmed through conditioned behavior are similar to a carrot placed in front of a donkey to get it to move forward. Furthermore, the mind is able to keep us distracted with this old worn-out information. Object consciousness; when unaware, will attach itself to a random mind / thought or emotion. We often remain in this unaware state of being for most of our existence. The mind continues to generate and regenerate thoughts and emotions. This behavior is automatic because it is a conditioned reaction.

Automatic Mind or Conscious Living?

Most mind-made thoughts and emotions are of no significance to any situation in any given “present” moment. This may first sound “inaccurate” but consider any given situation. It is true that experience is a good teacher. However, when do we let go of our conditioned behavior? Moreover, the shift from reacting to responding would benefit conscious expansion. When should we consider altering a reaction or behavior pattern? When do we question what we have been taught to belief.

Do you feel the mind reacting to these questions? The mind mechanisms activate thought and emotion conditioning. The mind activates a signal that is anchored in the memories of you, your father, and your fathers’ father. It is signaling that these questions are dangerous. The mind is telling you that they are unethical, anti-religious and nurture retaliation; to name a few.

However, what is beyond the mind is not threatened by anything. This is a void of unmanifested energy that will co-create with object energy. What will manifest is basically your decision. This is based on an unaware or aware state of being. Furthermore, space consciousness will not demand or try to dominate our existence. Universal consciousness is the true essence of being. Nevertheless, it can only give us what we give it.

“Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process.”
– Anne Wilson Schaef

Automatic participation without an awakened consciousness causes blockages in the natural flow of life. These reactions are habitual and very manipulative. Thoughts and emotions are like excess baggage to an unconscious person. However, ultimately, this baggage is unwanted and unneeded. Unfortunately, a conditioned mind disguises the insignificance of any given thought. Furthermore, the mind continues to dish out more and more in a repetitive manner.

This will continue until our state of awakened awareness deviates life energy from the mind to conscious presence. Object consciousness appears separate from universal consciousness; but this is only a mind game. It is based on automatic conditioned reactions. This is perhaps the one most detrimental tool that can overwhelm conscious awareness.

The process of awakening to consciousness is beneficial in reestablishing our relationship with life. The “mind” creates conditioned thoughts and emotions. This can overshadow choice-making and the simplicity of living in harmony and balance. However, living in a state of presence opens a portal to the totality of life without mind restrictions.

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