Everlasting Transformation Begins Within You

We often misinterpret the word spiritual. Therefore, please don’t think that living spiritual is a prerequisite to enlightenment. We are experiencing a shift in awareness. This awakening is allowing an inner transformation to blossom. Spirituality is just a word such as religion, God or Buddha. The word has no real significance. Other than to give our existence structure. The change that we are witnessing is the release of our conditioned behavior and mind-restrictions. We are letting go of personal and collective dogmas.


We don’t need to be spiritual to experience life energy consciousness. Rather, living and being are far beyond believing in something or even thinking anything. Thus, we need to unconditionally experience the truth of living in each moment. It would be beneficial for us to acknowledge that we are within everything. And we are influencing how things manifest. We are absolute at the level of being.

Still, we search for, demand more from, and define life instead of just living life. And, there are so many expectations. Thus, we obsessively attach ourselves to thoughts, feelings, and things. The problem is that we are always asking questions. We always expect something and overlook what is already there. We base our expectations purely on mind-oriented factors. This expectation is due to a state of unconsciousness. Universal intelligence vibrates and will respond to both unconsciously-made or consciously-made energy outputs.

Transformation During Your Inner Journey

The flow of universal energy offers unlimited space and opportunities. Everything is here and now. But, we usually don’t consciously see due to limited observation. Hence, clarity, balance, and non-attachment remain out of reach. Our journey is to realize the potential possibilities that are there for us along the way. Conscious awareness nurtures further transformation that also reorients our mental understanding of life.

These possibilities are always there. But, the mind constantly influences behavior patterns. A repetitious cycle develops. Thus, diverts our awareness from the present moment. Ego is a behavioral reaction. The ego distracts us from universal intelligence. Non-awareness causes us to exist almost entirely from the level of thoughts, emotions, and ego. Our practice is to experience life as it is. But, instead we try to make everything and everyone be and do as we deem to be correct. Hence, we don’t recognize the totality of life. We manifest universal energy just like any other object. And yet, we refuse to allow the natural order of life oneness. Is this the price for becoming self-conscious?

Life is always flowing. Universal energy is always vibrating in response to the objects within it. Whether we are aware of it or not. So, we only experience brief interludes of random awareness. Thus, we blindly and continually fight life, instead of just living it.


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