Is Your Mind Astray?

More awareness to your presence in this moment allows consciousness to thrive. Let’s say it this way. Your awareness of awareness offers spaciousness in any situation. Universal consciousness then manifests through the mind and self-consciousness. Thus, the mind, with all our characteristics, can and will relearn and gradually trust this field of universal energy. Nevertheless, the mind still leads us astray.


Conditioning dominates our behavior. Therefore, the mind, through no fault of its own, continues to manipulate our conscious awareness. The mind overshadows self-consciousness. Yes, our self-consciousness awoke with the potential to unite with the universality of life. But, we quickly fell back into a deep sleep, consciously speaking.

The Path of Life Is Clear but We Live Astray

Does the story of a Garden of Eden represent the fall back into a deep sleep? It is possible. After all, the mind is very creative. Thus, the mind literally blinds us to the actuality of life. Nonetheless, more and more people are aware of a change in how they experience living life. We are tuning into the presence within this moment. Deep within the essence of our being is awakening. We desire change, but in the same instant we are still apprehensive.

A mind Astray

The mind attempts to interpret but alas always in vain.
It is, after all, the soul that knows.
What is this life?
It is beyond and yet, also within.
But alas the mind is still astray.

And yet, we feel life’s radiance.
The soul swims in its beauty.
The true self always baths in its caress.
The intensity is so strong.
It is as if the heart will explode.

Then there is a moment of pure awareness.
Then peace and serenity abound.

A cloud may appear; even in a moment that is so clear.
But the sunshine; this energy, will shine through and through.
Be active, be aware and feel what is always there.

It is consciously beneficial to first accept what is happening at any moment. Thus, you experience clarity and harmony within yourself.


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