Deliberate Steps to Conscious Living

Yes, the majority of people are still living from the mind. And, thoughts and emotions overshadow our life experience. Nevertheless, more and more people are aware that conscious evolution is blossoming. Coincidentally, this trending expansion allows deliberate and conscious responses to ago-old involuntary and unnecessary behavior patterns. Thus, the benefits to conscious awareness in our life experience become obvious. A state of conscious being offers clarity and calmness on the path of life. 


Nevertheless, humankind, as a whole, is still struggling due to mind detail interventions. Therefore, our experience of life still fluctuates constantly in a whirlwind of insignificant details that confuse and distract.

So why do people remain oblivious to the benefits of conscious awareness? We might, at first glance, ask if this unconscious behavior is intentional. However, and obviously, there is nothing deliberate about a state of unaware existence, except the unfamiliarity with conscious awareness. We can surely agree that a conditioned mind is manipulative and restrictive to conscious expansion. Thus, the majority of thoughts and emotions induce mental playbacks that do not benefit our experience of presence.

Are you walking the path of life with closed eyes and no walking stick? That’s fine. Close your mental/bodily eyes and open your inner third eye. Internet dictionaries offer a clear explanation for the word deliberate. This is anything you do consciously and intentionally. Additionally, here is a reference from useful in the practice of conscious awareness on the path of life.

“Leisurely and steady in movement or action; slow and even; unhurried moving with a deliberate step.”

It is wise to take each step of your life experience with conscious deliberation.

Here is an exercise useful in the focus to, and awareness of, each step on the path of life.  Don’t try to avoid thoughts. Instead, accept the process of thinking. Then, simply turn off the mind in the same manner as turning off a light switch. Thus, you experience the exact opposite of turning off a light. Accordingly, accepting and turning off thoughts will turn on conscious awareness and life enlightenment. Hence, the brightness of living life shines upon you.

You then acknowledge thoughts, emotions and situations in your surroundings. But, these mind details do not reduce your awareness of the moment itself. This is a process that prioritizes your conscious state of existing as a human being.

This allows you to clearly observe living life. You are the moment itself that unfolds within presence. And, you acknowledge that no thought, thing or situation defines your sense of being.  Therefore, you become untangled from the mind and experience a harmonious conscious interaction with the universal flow of life. You become aware of a spacious serenity in any situation that we can describe as a blissful beingness.

Wishing you joy and good health each day.

P.S. These Psychology Today links offer ideas about moving beyond thoughts and emotions to experience presence, here and now.

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