Corruption or Purification? It Is Your Decision

The mind overwhelms us with wants and demands. Moreover, it has become a victim of its own demise. The mind experiences a corruption of its own making. The need for more is always in the background of our activities. We want more. But why? Perhaps evolutionary development and conditioning are two main factors.


You may first ask what is this mind corruption? Well, let’s look at it as a type of de-evolution. Or, the term devolved is also accurate. So, what does this mean? We were once very conscious and pure before the mind began to dominate our experiences. We basically lived as the plants and animals live and die. Then along came mental development and self-consciousness. Conditioned thought and behavior patterns developed in the mind. The mind became clever and egoistic. Suddenly, it was not enough just to live. We experienced contamination of the mind. Life could no longer simply flow. This resulting in a type of unbalance and disharmony. And, the mind thrives on the energy vibrations caused by this imbalance.  And the mind always needs more.

But our awareness of presence, however, has become distracted by this mind corruption. This trend would suggest that we are living a lie. We use trivialities, such as technology, materialistic objects, and misguided thought intentions to define, structure, and dominate our existence.

This corruption and the want for more causes us to repeatedly stumble on our journey. A misunderstanding of living results as long as we remain unaware. However, any aspect of our daily activities offers a portal to an awakened state of presence. The key is to remain focused on what is beyond mind details.

Mind Distractions and Corruption

Still, the mind can construct a tale of events that seem so real. This is also evident in our wish to reach enlightenment. It would be beneficial to realize and truly accept your enlightened being. Consequently, it is not necessary for you to desire or want enlightenment. Know that you are it. Anything other than this acknowledgment is a mind-created smoke screen. This shadow corrupts the clarity within the divinity of a living being.

Mind structures distract us from life and being one with life. Such universal energy frequencies as life have the potential to become conscious. Moreover, it is possible to thrive in this conscious dimension. What you choose to be is what you will perceive. Are you the mind or consciousness? How you decide takes on a given reality. Does this sound too easy? It is actually even easier than it sounds. Furthermore, being presence is enough for your awareness to expand. Therefore, please practice this state of being in your daily interactions.

The key is in realizing and accepting that you are essentially presence. You are not something that is occupying the space of any given moment. Thus, knowing this deeply you can experience the tools and toys of our species development. But, not without losing touch with our essence. Additionally, you begin to reunite with the realm of universal energy. It becomes clear that you are co-creating all that you are and will be. You are co-creating the composition that unfolds within presence. It is the universal song of life.


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