Eating Grapes and Living Life

I invite you to share my breakfast adventure as I discover an additionally stepping stone to conscious living. Grapes are great! I should have a t-shirt printed with this statement 😊. Eating grapes is a daily delight for me, either fresh or as raisins. But, not necessarily as wine 😉. Do you like grapes? You might wish to grab a few grapes to eat as I share an experience this morning from my kitchen. Are you aware that white grapes are easier than red to pick and clean? The red grape stubbornly hangs on the plant stem during picking and also when you clean it.


Imagine, if you will, your eagerness to eat some grapes, perhaps with yogurt, cereal or honey. However, it is best to wash the grapes before eating them. Not a problem. Right? Well, this experience, as with all life experiences, offers us a lesson in conscious living. And, this became evident to me as I washed and removed the grape stems this morning. I choose red grapes today for my eating delight at breakfast. Consequently, as mentioned above, the red grapes held firmly attached to the stems. But, I was eager to eat.

Eating Grapes and Choosing How to Live

As a result, I felt an eruption of thoughts and a few emotions beaming from my brain. Accordingly, I wanted to remove the grapes from the stems as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, and against the minds demands, I simply stood there gazing at the grapes. This stillness gave me conscious clarity. Behaving according to the minds demands often gives me a feeling of dissatisfaction and anxiety. This is because the mind always wants more. Therefore, living strictly from the mind always leaves us wanting more.

Thus, I calmly and consciously, washed and removed the grapes from the stems, one at a time. The spaciousness and serenity felt during this experience is indescribable through mere words. Likewise, this blissfulness is possible in each life experience; regardless of the temporary details within each moment. Each and every life experience is a stepping stone to conscious awakening, when a person is ready. 

Wishing you happiness


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