Sunshine and Life Shine from Within

“The sunshine and life that you are looking for out there is in you. Metaphorically speaking.  So, let it shine!” The sun rises and sets and it often seems that we are a puppet dancing on a string called time. However, you can cut the strings. Furthermore, you are the co-creator of all you experience. The foremost question to ask in each moment would be what you will create now.


Sunshine is something to enjoy.
It is energy of a source that is everywhere.
We can experience it every moment;
It is there each day and in every way.
But, don’t look for it. Rather, feel it
You may now say okay, but the sun is not there every moment.
Surely it is not there every day.
What should I do?
Where is the sun on a cloudy day?
Don’t despair, it is there.
Do you feel it?
The warmth is so intense.
It is a flowing, vibrating frequency.
It is here now and will be here tomorrow.
Be active, be aware, and feel what is always there.

Allow the essence of your being to shine

Human beings this is what we are; that is a fact.
But there is so much more about you and me.
We are so much more than this shell.
We are in truth the energy within all.
It is constantly expanding this way and that.
This is a treasure that is priceless.
It is life.
It is in the body, heart, and soul.
Know that you share it!
You are life.
And life energy flows.
Be enthusiastically in love with life.
That is my wish for you.

We share a sunshine called life

Engulfed in life and always in love.
The sunshine in you also shines through me.
We are one in spirit.
We can make the experience of life something wonderful.
How and why?
Sharing, caring, and doing for others.
Experience together and loving each other; this is the “how.”
To love and show understanding is the “why.”
It is about striving to help each other.
We are each of the spirit.

The energy of life will show us the way.

“Remember the sun is always shining within you. It is your choice if you wish to experience it and let it shine.”

It is possible that we have forgotten? Our true nature is energy that is alive and becoming conscious. This could imply that we have become relatively non-active in all aspects of existing beyond the mind; we have lost the ability to feel what it means to live consciously. We have disassociated from it. It has become very difficult to enjoy the gifts provided by universal consciousness. It is simple to say that we are spirit. Saying it is simple, but being aware of it proves to be much more difficult for most of us.


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