The Blight of Human Unconsciousness

Why did it begin? How will it end? What is it? It is humankind. More specifically for our discussion. It is human unconsciousness. But the questions how, what, and why are ultimately irrelevant. The use of the word blight is actually useful in conscious awakening. However, please practice going beyond words and definitions. These, are at best, the portals to universal intelligence. Still they can be beneficial signposts on the path to our true essence.


Let’s begin by reflecting on our unconscious state of being. We can call this our species blight. Unconsciousness could very well be the root of our personal and social diversities and suffer. It causes judgement and separation. Yes. An unconscious state of living inhibits us from fully experience the world, the universe, and life. Still, it would be wise to simply accept this condition. Being is absolute. Only the form changes. We are experiencing a transition. Sometimes this transformation is very apparent. Other times it is not.

Beyond the Blight

However, we tend to only see the blight of our existence. We have become vulnerable to mind conditioning. The mental pressure is constant. The mind demands satisfaction. This infests our experience of life. Additionally, we stay in a loop filled with repetitions. These are in many forms and do not necessarily benefit conscious awareness. The most influential thoughts and feelings. Both are excellent servants but terrible masters.

How do we tip the scale and restore balance? This is possible through active observation of the mind. Ultimately our evolution is a blessing. It is also insignificant. Well, let’s say that it only has one true significance.  An object, any object, provides the potential for universal life energy to manifest. Likewise, it allows consciousness to blossom.

“What is your relationship with the mind? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.”

So, here we are now. Will the blight of human unconsciousness continue? Or will we awaken to the possibilities within space consciousness? The answer is within you.


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