Dominoes: That’s the Way They Fall

There are different variations of the game Dominoes. It originated during the Song Dynasty in China. This game, however, is not the topic of this article. We can compare this to our behavior in areas of consciousness and life energy. The mind is said to be very complex. At Least, this is what we generally “think”. The mind does what it does without any need for conscious intervention; despite its supposed complexity. The human consciousness has reached a level of awakened acknowledgment. This ancient knowledge has always been there. However, it usually remains buried in the content detail fragments of our existence. A shift is from mind to conscious awareness is necessary.


The process of thinking can be compared to the game of falling dominoes. An initial thought is sudden there. Why it is there and where it came from are irrelevant. However, let us ask the obvious. What happens to a thought when it suddenly appears? Likewise, how do you interact with this thought? A person’s first reaction might be to say that the answer for this question is very complex. Therefore my question is…why do we insist on complexity instead of simplicity?

I did a Google search for the number of thoughts that a human has each moment. This is the first search result that Google offered:

An average person has between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day.

The Dominoes Keep Falling

This suggests between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. However, it is still possible to experience the essence of living. This happens when our awareness is not obscured by the details of our existence. Furthermore, we can feel this flowing energy manifesting through us, others and even the universe. Rediscovering this knowledge would change our relationship with the mind and our experiences. We would recognize that every heartbeat beats as one.  

The first step to conscious awakening begins with our relationship to the mind; both personal and collective. Some thoughts come and go…zip…zip…zip. However, many thoughts are repetitive and demand recognition. This happens due to experiences, memory, conditioned behavior and probably several other factors. One thought is literally given the power to control how we interact with the inner and outer universe. A state of conscious being is overshadowed by the impact of this object-powered energy. However, this domination occurs because of one factor. We are conditioned to existence in servitude to the mind.

The urgency of this one thought infests and corrupts other thoughts and emotions. It is intense and demands power over our state of being. Moreover, a given thought manipulates and restricts our interaction with the dimension of life energy. Consciousness is usually forgotten in such a moment. The thought runs its course. This might be minutes, hours, days or years.

The Dominoes Must not Fall

However, any given thought is usually not alone. There are multiple thoughts that can devastate any chance of experiencing presence. The mind and our thoughts feed on unconsciousness. Therefore, any given thought begins the first domino that falls. The thought continues to contaminate as long as a person remains unaware. This tendency is similar to the falling of dominoes. This mind-inflected process seems impossible to stop. Furthermore, this conditioned cycle repeats itself again and again. The falling dominoes take on power as they fall. Similarly, the mind remains in control because of our lack of awareness to our interaction with it.

Nevertheless, the inertia of a single thought is instantly changed when you can unconditionally interact with the mind. You are presence and not that which is happening (details) within a given moment. Your active acknowledgement of consciousness will change everything that you experience. The process of awakening and shifting from mind to aware presence could stop the thought dominoes from falling.

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