Sensitivity and the Experience of Life

Are you a sensitive person? Do others label you as too sensitive? If yes, please stand up and take a bow because sensitivity is not necessarily a bad thing. Furthermore, conscious awareness through sensitivity is possible. Alas, mind details still distract the majority of people. Thus, unconscious living causes chaos in many activities. There are so many wants, demands and details. Therefore, often the mind and body are ill. It is all too much. At least, this is what the mind tells us. Stop the world and let me get off. These are typical reactions to our daily interactions.


Many people are sensitive, often overly sensitive. And, there are distinguishing characteristics among these individuals. Sensitive people often experience depression and mental trauma.  Often these ailments are due to biological and conditional behavior disorders that can escalate if a person is overly sensitive. Hence, over-sensitivity can actually cause the development of a mental disorder in a person that unconsciously lives life. Please understand the significance of the keyword unconsciously in this last statement. Your thoughts, thus your feelings, can sicken the mind and body when you are not actively conscious and equally oversensitive.

Sensitivity Offers Stepping Stones on Your Journey to Consciousness

Does this mean that an overly sensitive person is automatically susceptible to problems and even sickness of mind and body? The answer is no, absolutely not. Rather, I suggest that your sensitivity is a useful stepping stones on the path of life as you consciously awaken. However, many sensitive people suffer and become sick. Our recorded history is full of sensitive people that have become mentally ill. Must it remain this way? Again, my answer is no. It is crucial that we continually learn to access our true essence from a level of aware consciousness. The dawning of conscious awakening could very well deter mental illness in many individuals. Universal life consciousness is endless and free of human detail restrictions. Limitless possibilities are within the flow of these energy frequencies.

Serenity is always possible, even in a moment of complete despair, when we first accept the situation and practice non-attachment.

I wish you a happy and healthy day


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