Life Is the Way so Please Don’t Stray

Things happen each day and thereby we often ask why?
There is no plan engraved in stone.
Who is to really say what may come and go our way?
No screenplay of life is to be read and rehearsed.
To live life is the way.


There are things that cause happiness or dismay.
To these we can really only say, what may come will be.
Then there are experiences that confuse and cause fear.

Some people often say to themselves I have lost my way.
But the way is permanent. Whereas how we travel this path of life can change.
There is this moment and it is here now.

Do you wish to embrace it, to hide or run away?
Still, there is really no need to choose any of these.
It first may seem difficult but there is only one way.
The moment is here. The now will not go away.

Therefore, accept it and honor the essence of this moment.
Learn to accept was is, regardless of the form.
How you experience anything is for you to decide.
We either consciously or unconsciously live life.
The things of each moment are here and are gone.
Temporary distractions.
You hold them or release them.
This is up to you.
The moment remains.
So, what will you do?

I suggest that you do nothing. Instead just be and let life surprise you. More awareness of consciousness can open space in the framework of our existence. This will permit universal consciousness to radiate through our human form. This higher consciousness is our true essence. Awareness of this will provide space in which the oneness of life can flow more smoothly. This would give each of us more freedom and tranquility in our daily experiences. We could experience unity with life instead of being overshadowed by mind-induced separation.


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