Ride the Wave of Life and Do It Now

Image surfing on a wave. Perhaps you are a surfer and know how to hang ten as you ride a wave. Comparative speaking, how do you live life? It is possible for every person to learn how to ride the wave of life and enjoy living. Active awareness is a necessity to surfing and living life. The gracefulness you observe in many surfers’ manifests through practice and acceptance as they hang loose on the surfboard.  Likewise, it is possible for everyone to learn conscious awareness as they surf the wave of life.


Let’s consider the similarities between water surfing and life surfing. Firstly, the mind assumes that wave riding is a challenge. Thus, just a thought about surfing causes fear and even panic in many people. Nonetheless, the same people that fear surfing, also love the thrill of such a challenge. The mind thinks of each wave as a problem to overcome. Therefore, and subsequently, each new wave is a hindrance that inhibit the experience. Behavior conditioning automatically develops due to repetitive unconscious thought patterns. The mind tells you to ride the wave because you must. And, the mind continues to label each wave as a problem that is difficult. The result is a vicious cycle of wanting to ride the wave and coincidingly fearing each wave. Thus, you usually label yourself as the victim of each wave, instead of the master of the ocean.

Conscious Awareness Offers a Blissful Ride of a Lifetime

Living consciously upon the waves of life is the flip-side to the above-mentioned mind drama. Conscious awareness nurtures the thrill of living as you ride the waves of life. Active consciousness allows you to unite with the mystical, mysterious and ever-changing experience of life.

Thus, you, the surfboard and each wave are synonymous with the human self, your existence and the oneness of life. Accordingly, you experience the fun, thrill and uncertainty of living without mind restrictions. The wave becomes your state of being without attachments or dependency.

Balance is the key in riding a surfboard on water. And, this is also accurate for how you should experience life. The mind and consciousness (human, universal) nurture each other when the barriers of separation fade away. Consequently, and spontaneously, you then realize life is not a wave that carries you along. Instead, your manifestation as a wave is the flow of life experiencing itself along the way. 

Wishing you happiness and good health each day


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