Calculate, Delegate and Consolidate Beyond the Mind

Are we dependent on the mind? And, does the mind have the ability to truly calculate the depth of our conscious interaction with life? Did you answer these questions with a yes? That’s fine if you did.  After all, the mind calculates. That is what it does. Therefore, the mind analyses and, in its own interest, tells you to say yes. However, let’s attempt to consciously step beyond the mind.  And, in the same moment also be aware that the mind is still there. It sounds confusing but don’t let thoughts manipulate your state of conscious being. Acknowledge that the conditional mind is like a box. Therefore, let’s use the cliché go outside the box. To illustrate conscious presence.


Indeed! How would it be to live beyond the limitations of the mind. Recognize that it is possible to consciously live and still use the mind. Imagine how it would be to fully live without the mind interfering.

Let the Mind Calculate as You Actively Observe

Imagine how your understanding of everything would change as you actively observe and become more aware. Delegate the interaction between your state of being, conscious awareness and the mind. Nevertheless, the mind will still calculate and process in the background of your experiences. But, your aware presence will only use the minds activities for practical necessities.  Simultaneously, you will consciously observe and allow this energy flow without the mind applying labels to everything. Thus, you will have a cooperative relationship with yourself, the mind, the universe, life and how you live.

This awareness to consciousness will eventually increase exponentially with each experience. The mind will always calculate. However, object consciousness will then expand unencumbered outward to reestablish itself within the flow of universal energy. Additionally, the mind will gradually reside into the background of your life experience. Thoughts and feelings cannot distract or manipulate a person that dwells within the presence of non-attached beingness. Acknowledge that aware presence allows a consolidation with universal energy, consciousness and the mind. Therefore, use the mind. But, don’t let the mind use you at the cost of conscious awareness.  

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