Theorist and Abstract Thinking

I was recently labeled a spiritual theorist that offers ideas and insight about conscious living that are abstract. A person with whom I regularly correspond wishes to discover the secrets to conscious awareness. Firstly, living in a state of unattached presence is not a secret. Furthermore, and therefore, no one has a magical wand that summons conscious living. One moment any given person is consciously aware. And, the next he or she is not aware. Our practice is to overcome temptations of the mind that can pull us back into the darkness of unconscious behavior.


She recently wrote that I base my writings on theories that are actually just projections of the mind. Her reaction was due to frustration. I suggested that she attempt to practice non-attachment in decisions relating to daily activities. I have never offered her any background stories of my experiences as a person. Therefore, the term theorist was the best explanation she had for my ideas and insight. The mind convinced her that I speak strictly from theory and not from experience. I share this with now to assure you that you, me and everyone experience all aspects of our human existence. It is not necessary to debate if any given person knows more or does more. Such categorizations only weaken conscious awareness. The act of being is universal to everyone and everything. Therefore, the unconditional acceptance of our beingness offers conscious enlightenment.

Theorist Offer Abstracts that Can Benefit the Experience of Life

A blissful life of aware presence is possible through the practice of non-attachment and non-dependency. These are stepping stones that I offer myself in daily experiences. Thus, this exercise in conscious awakening is my offering to you. The woman I mention above insists that it is impossible to live in a state of either, non-attachment or non-dependency.  And, here now, it is not for me to say that she is right or wrong.

Nevertheless, I assure you that the practice of non-attachment and non-dependency are beneficial in moving beyond repetitious dysfunctional mind behavior. And, yes, on occasion, the mind will still dominate a given experience. That is fine. The significance of aware presence is the acceptance of any moment, regardless of how the mind labels the experience.

Wishing you good health and happiness


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