Loveliness of Life and How to Live

How we label something does not define the loveliness of living. The sheer manifestation of life holds its true beauty. Nevertheless, the mind labels everything. These labels can easily confuse and manipulate your behavior. Thus, our life experience is usually not accurate. Therefore, we acquire a tunnel vision. This phenomenon limits the vast possibilities within life. The total grace of your existence is here for you to acknowledge. It is life energy and it is flowing through you now.


Therefore, too many questions, assumptions and labels restrict our relationship with life. Isn’t this behavior true for any partnership, especially the intimacy of two people in love? Too many questions and labels are not beneficial. The wish in a true interrelationship is to unconditionally give and receive. This offers a nurtures balance and harmony between two people. And, we can discover this bliss when we unconditionally live life. Furthermore, equilibrium, let’s say enlightenment is the ultimate desire in any interconnection. Hence, this is the true loveliness of living and loving.

The Loveliness of Living Blossoms Through You

You are in a long-term relationship. What if you were to question your partner regarding everything he or she does in each moment? This type of behavior corrupts trust and love. Thus, people living strictly from the mind experience disappointment and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, remember the experience of falling in love. Wow! This sensation is incredible.

You turn around in a crowded bus and see someone. Sky-rockets explode and you have a strong desire to meet this person. This feeling is indescribable. Everything is colorful and alive. And, unconditionally love, this means simply loving to love, is not a mind process. You merely let go and love this person. This is similar to truly experiencing life because it is the loveliness of living. You live life to live and not to question, assume and define.

What would you say if I suggest that this loveliness is always available to you here and now? However, the manner by which you experience life and love depends on your point of focus. Mind oriented focus is always problematic and is only helpful for practical purposes. You are becoming more and more conscious of how to use the mind. Therefore, do not let it overshadow the pure bliss of simply living and loving.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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