Cleverness Is an Evolution By-Product

Many people are clever. But, cleverness is not necessarily synonymous with intelligence. Shrewdness develops through trial and error during evolution.  So, yes, we are clever. But, I feel that universal intelligence has suffered at the hands of the mind’s ingenuity. And, cleverness masks itself in many forms. What lies at the root of cleverness? It is not easy to determine the baseline of our cunning. Cunningness, in itself can be creative. But, ego as a strong influence on our behavior. These reactions then manifest through our experiences. Emotions also play an influential role in the use of cleverness. Emotions are, however, instinctive and natural. Furthermore, every life-form has certain tendencies that we would label as emotional. It is the ego’s influence that makes our emotional state so perplexing. It is a vicious cycle.


Mind conditioning is at the root of our daily interactions. And, the use of cleverness often initiates this behavior. These factors contribute to our general lack of conscious awareness. Lack of conscious awareness allows a preconditioned chain of reactions to occur in our experiences. A person lacking conscious life awareness would never give these patterns any real attention. Most people react to mind-made delusions of life without considering that there is something more to living life. Likewise, the majority of people remain oblivious to the fact that we are free-falling in a field of pure energy. This energy pulsates with frequencies. Thus, this energy, is in a sense alive, as well as have the potential to be conscious of itself. Do you feel the relationship between life and love? A person lacking life awareness is coincidentally lacking true love awareness.

Intelligence and Conscious Observation of Cleverness

Of course, we do not know why, when and how self-consciousness began? Did we experience emotions and love before becoming self-conscious? Obviously yes. However, emotions and our behavior were more hands-on (as is) before the dawning of self-consciousness. Everything changed after the initiation of self-awareness. So, we question and analyze, instead of just being and living.

Hence, love concepts flourish as cleverness, creativity and self-consciousness develop. But, notions about love is not the same as simply loving. So, mind concepts delude the pureness of love.

“The mind tends to invoke complexity. It questions everything and when there are no answers it makes up assumptions, beliefs, and stories. In other words, the mind is oblivious to simply living and loving. This is because determining the why and how we live and love overwhelms the mind.”

So, are we truly intelligent? Your reaction is probably to say yes. And, your argument is that self-consciousness corresponds with the expansion of our intelligence in different aspects of species development. Is this really true? Indeed, we are very clever in our daily activities. However, Cleverness is not the same as intelligence when we are not living in a state of conscious awareness.

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