Universal Consciousness Awakens Through You

You are a receptacle of life. And, everything is a part of you and you of the totality. Universal life energy flows through you. Therefore, you are influencing and thus responsible for the universe. Does this sound like too much for you to handle? Well, this is happening in every moment, whether you accept being accountable for it or not. I do not wish to imply that you are to blame for what happens. Blame, judgment, fear, etc. are instruments of the mind. Furthermore, we are consciously moving beyond the limits of our conditioned behavior as we awaken to living consciously.


What this insight suggests is the sanctity of life within your state of being. This refers to your spiritual essence in the universe and has nothing to do with religion or science. Your active and consciously awakened participation, or lack of it, reflects how you observe and experience yourself in this universe. This is your responsibility to the universe and is not truly a liability per se. It indicates how unobstructed you can live when the mind no longer dominates the presence of your being.

Universal Energy Becomes Conscious Through You

It is your state of presence in each moment that determines how you live. Living consciously has nothing to do with content details such as thoughts, emotions, people, or situations. However, mind conditioning still dominates these details in our existence. But, this will cease as you consciously observe the mind. It will become obvious that the mind really has nothing to do with consciously living and loving. You are now awake and the shifting process has begun. Moreover, this awakening is universal. This is because the universe (totality) becomes conscious through you. Let’s get straight to the point and focus on a simple truth.

“The life you are searching for is within you. This acknowledgement will allow you to truly experience it. Active awareness to consciousness, and not the mind, offers clarity.”

Everything is within you and not out there somewhere. The next step is the acceptance of the power that is within you to change. It is possible for you to achieve a new perspective that will verify your influence on everything that manifests. You will then know why something appears and be more readily able and willing to accept the manifestation.

Wishing you a joyful day and hope that you are well


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