Rule of Engagement During Your Experiences

The article title is a point of emphasis for our discussion. However, please don’t focus on the words. Many people function day-to-day by using a rule of engagement behavior during the act of living. People use these codes of conduct in countless situations. Still, this behavior is strictly of the mind. Nevertheless, is it possible to live without attaching your state of being to these mind patterns? Yes, it is easier than you think. The question to ask is are you ready to live life outside of a mind-made box? The purest expression of living is unconditional, in the flow of aware silence. Stillness doesn’t mean that you are free of thoughts. Instead, it suggests that you live without attaching your sense of self to thoughts and feelings. There, in this space, is where consciousness flows. And, consciously living offers harmony and balance.


People and situations change. And, changes are constant. Nonetheless, the mind does its best to understand everything, including why everything changes. And, the mind lures you into playing its game of questions, searching and labeling.  So, you want to understand everything by asking how, why and what. But, ultimately, there is only one question beneficial to consciously living in presence. Ask yourself. Why must you understand anything? Yes, of course, there are things in our daily activities that require our attention. Thus, for practical purposes, we must understand some things. But, this should be the extent of our need to understand. Still, the mind reacts, often radically, to change and the need to understand.

The Rule of Behavior Is an Illusion

Most people use at least one rule of behavior during any situation.  Does this mean that a person’s behavior results strictly from this code of engagement? Yes, a person’s reaction to something is almost always due to mind conditioning. Additionally, other evolution factors adversely influence the act of living. This is because our resistance to change results predominately from not consciously living. Thus, our preset rules, assumptions, definitions, etc. cause non-acceptance to change and attachment to mind details.

Change in itself is mostly insignificant.  However, how you perceive what changes determines how you will live life. We can also express this insight in the following manner. We usually observe change as an obstacle and this will continue unless we are willing to accept change. Mahatma Gandhi said something similar in the following insight.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Therefore, our practice is to clearly observe any given rule of engagement and conditioned behavior. Thus, it is possible to experience harmony through conscious presence and the acceptance of change without attachment.


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