A Controversial Look into How You Live

Firstly, I wish to apologize to anyone that has read my second book Simplicity of Life. There is bad editing such as text flow and grammar mistakes within the book. I am perhaps naïve. I realize that it is years since the publication. But, the editor told me that the editing and grammar were fine. I accepted the editor’s assuring statement as correct. But, the bad editing and lack of sentence flow are the result of my oversight and my trusting nature.  I only recently took a critical look at the book’s text flow and grammar. Thus, I made many text changes and grammar corrections within the chapters. I feel that the revised text offers you an easier to read inquiry into controversial topics. Therefore, I wish to offer you this revised version of the book, as a free downloadable PDF document.


Yes, the reading material is difficult due to the nature of the topics. However, I feel strongly that we all desire harmony and bliss on the path of life. Nevertheless, reading about such controversial topics unleash conditional mind behavior patterns that developed over thousands upon thousands of years. We innately know the truth at the depth of our being. However, all structures of our development have taught us to question, deny and fear something that is actually fundamental. Ultimately, the nature of our beingness has nothing to do with the mind. Equally, the essence of our being (isness) is simplistic when we go beyond mind interference and restrictions. Therefore, the next step on the path of life is hopefully our awakening to a conscious evolution.

Living Life Is not as Controversial as the Mind Tells Us

The activities of our existence confuse and cause fear. This is because we base everything on temporary superficiality and details. Thus, we define our life experience as something to reach with strenuous effort.  Thus, a conditional mind overshadows our life experience. So, most people view balance and harmony as a fantasy or paradise. Furthermore, the majority of people think or belief that we can only reach this paradise through mind details. And, still very prevalent is the thought or belief that materialistic things will give us happiness and peace. Nevertheless, you are not you mind. Never take thoughts or feelings too seriously. These will pass, and presence remains.

I had written Simplicity of Life with the hope that you are ready to unconditionally observe how you live. And, that you knowingly embrace the essence of your being. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs cannot define our presence as a universal being. Yes, each person, flower, or tree has a temporary individuality. But, the essence of being is a flowing frequency of universality. Our practice is to go beyond the mind. Thus, allow the essence of being to simply be in whatever form unfolds in this state of presence. Hence, we are the self, the one state of being in everyone and everything. This allows us to let go of judgements, thoughts, beliefs, and dogmas that manipulate and restrict the flow of universal energy.

P.S. I look forward to your ideas and insight relating to the book topics. And, I would appreciate any reviews you wish to write on book retailer sites. The link below is a PDF version of the revised book in its entirety.

Simplicity of Life: Why Does Being Human Complicate Everything?


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