Story Created by the Mind and Is Not True

The mind insists that you listen to its story. But it is surly only telling you a mind-made fairy-tale. Therefore, we often remain oblivious to living consciously in the moment. The body will experience discomforts, pain, illness and eventually death. There will also be experiences of mental and emotional happiness. But, do we need to make everything into a story? And yet, the mind insists on using all experiences as a continuation of our human saga. Hence, it seems impossible to disregard what it is telling us.


The tale of your experiences seems so real. Alas, the now of your existence does not offer a story even if the psyche tells you otherwise. The mind will attempt to tell you a tale based on the past or future. But will gradually cease as you remain anchored in the moment. It is the constant present that manifests life and not the illusions fabricated by thoughts, beliefs or fears. Living consciously allows you to flow with life energy.

An Untrue Story of long Ago and of What Will Come

An actively aware person will not adhere to a random mind story. Enlightenment will fully blossom through the practice of non-attachment. It is possible to feel balance and serenity when you are living consciously in whatever unfolds. This will not necessarily mean that everything that happens will compliment your wishes. You will still spill a glass of milk from time to time. Your body may become ill or you might win the lottery. Any and all of these situations should not influence your conscious awareness to now.

Our experiences will continue to occur just as they have and always will. Everything will come to pass. But how you observe yourself and the universe will completely change. There will be space whereby you sense life energy and thus conscious awareness. You will begin to acknowledge that everything but now is based on mind interpretation. Still, the details of your existence will steadily dissolve into the background of conscious living. The mind and its story will continue but the thoughts accompanying this tale will lose more and more significance.

“You will become actively aware of a divine presence that is universal. This is the conscious energy flow of life and it is your true essence.”



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