The Recognition of Your Beingness

Life is, we are and the universe is. Still, we tend to interpret everything, differently than what it is. But why? There is no need for interpretation, definition, or evaluation. Nor, is it actually possible to explain these mysteries.  So, won’t it be much easier to just experience life and love. Consider this. Focus on the nothingness beyond established details and structures of the mind. Life and love are on the other side of everywhere and nowhere.


So, practice living live in acceptance and appreciation without the need for thoughts, emotions or things to fulfill you. I assure you that these things will not give you everlasting balance, harmony or bliss. Nevertheless, too often we live strictly from the mind. Thus, the mind restricts consciousness. Self-consciousness overshadowed by the mind inhibits access to universal consciousness. Thus, conscious awareness is a process of recognition.

Consciousness Recognition Is a Stepping Stone to Blissfulness

Hence, recognition and acceptance are the easiest path to conscious living. This may sound quite impossible, or at least very confusing. However, it is quite the contrary. Realization and acceptance of life as it unfolds is the ticket to eternal enlightenment. And, isn’t this exactly what humanity seeks? We have sought blissful enlightenment since the awakening of our species’ consciousness. Accordingly, we have paid a terrible price in the unnecessary search for existential answers that don’t offer enlightenment.

Universal flow, which includes life energy is the essence of our being. Recognition of this baseline energy allows conscious awakening. This recognition nurtures the awakening of conscious awareness. And, conscious development is our species’ true salvation. On the contrary, the evolution of our mental and physical development guides us down a path of confusion. It first appears as if this is a path of no return. Our species already has the greatest gift. We are aware of ourselves, the universe, and life. So, is it possible to find the way back to the source. Well, surprise, surprise, the essence of being and life are not a separate entity outside of us. Essentially, we are simply an act of universal beingness that engulfs the totality.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day.


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