Are You Having a Lousy Day?

How is your day? Are you having a lousy day or a good day? What is the determining factor in how you experience what happens? The answer is looking back at you 😊 in the mirror. You are the one and truly only determining factor in how you experience any given moment.


We often scurry through our daily activities in a state of limbo unawareness. And, life literally passes by without us knowing why.  Thus, situations and people seem to influence how we experience life. However, conditioning taught us to think and believe that things and people are responsible for how we live. But, what we have learned is not actually true. Therefore, you can change how you live. Deconditioning through awareness to how you observe living, offers enlightenment. Live life fully, don’t just exist. Let’s use the definition for limbo to expand our discussion.

Limbo is an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition. This is how the majority of people experience life. Why is living this way so typical? Basically, because we are not aware enough to establish a change in our behavioral responses. Hence, the shadows of our behavior characteristics darken out the brilliance of living life. The act of being alive, in itself, is an incredible experience, regardless of temporary day to day downfalls. And, conscious living is quite easy to establish as baseline for living life.

Why Have a Lousy Day?

An existence in limbo leaves you vulnerable to the instruments of our own species making. Something happens. Thus, thoughts and emotions trigger a mixture of conditioned reactions.  Nonetheless, conditioned behavior is not permanent. You can change how you experience life. Realistically, there is a process necessary as you shift from mind to conscious awareness. But, the process itself is not your focus point. Look within and openly observe how you interact with any given moment. This recognition offers a passage beyond mind details to a space of acceptance without attachment to any details.

Mind behavior programs your reactions. And, you usually react without any realization of your behavior. You change such conditioned behavior simply by acknowledging that you, not the mind, have the power of decision. The weather does not decide how you feel today; you do. Your boss does not determine if you are a good person or not; you do. No person and definitely not a situation have the power to influence / manipulate you; unless you allow it.

This acknowledgement allows instant access to the conscious flowing stream of life energy. Remember conscious awakening is a process. And, people and situations have no true influence or control over your experience of life.

Therefore, the next time something happens, ask yourself why everything seems bad. Anything is only terrible because you decide that it is lousy. Things, of course, will continue to happen. Furthermore, this is natural part of our existence as a being that is, for now, human. Nevertheless, you always determine the act of being, regardless of how the mind interprets the moment. Life, let’s express this as the act of being, never has a good day or a lousy day. Thus, the unconditional acceptance of simply being you offers long term conscious awareness.


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