Hopscotch and the Search for Enlightenment

Are you familiar with the game Hopscotch? The game reminds me of our behavior in the search for harmony and enlightenment. We often seek emancipation from the confines of our existence through guidelines and rituals. And, the game rules parallel our behavior in the desire to reach salvation. Furthermore, it also reflects misconceptions in our attempts to find enlightenment.


Did the game originally have religious or belief structure references? Maybe. Nevertheless, the game rules and structure assimilated into a conceptual understanding of Heaven and Hell. Equally, the hierarchy is similar to mind behavior in our experiences and quest for enlightenment, relating to behaviorism.

Here is an excerpt from www.ancestry.com. The article discusses the conceptual similarities between hopscotch, Christian rituals, and spiritual rebirth. I paraphrased the article for easier reading purposes.

The most obvious Christian ritual which might parallel hopscotch is that of baptism, particularly baptism by immersion. We use a Baptism for two purposes. It is the washing away of sins or as a born-again symbol. In the first interpretation, we may see Baptism as a continuation of the various Jewish rituals.  The Torah commands these rites to attain or re-attain purity. But in the second, there is no equivalent in Judaism. That is to say, if we understand immersion and emergence as a symbol of rebirth. Then that which enters into and emerged from is a symbolic grave, suggesting a far more pagan origin.

The game is well known in Austria, Switzerland and Germany as Himmel und Hölle (Heaven and Hell). This version of the game consists of squares starting with earth and ending with Heaven. But, the second-to-last square is Hell. Thus, everyone must avoid this square. In India, hopscotch is called Kith-Kith, Stapu, in the Hindi-speaking areas.

Stop Playing Hopscotch and Be Aware

This is a lot of general information about hopscotch but I felt that it was necessary for our topic consideration. My reference to the game is meant to offer insight into daily behaviorism in regards to seeking enlightenment. Hopscotch involves hopping on one foot from the sanctuary of home. Strangely, we must seek and reach a destination labeled many names such as salvation, paradise, or heaven. Then, we return to the sanctuary of home. Our daily behavior and daily activities are similar.  Accordingly, our relentless wanting and searching often causes us to overlook the obvious. We are already home. Conscious enlightenment is the natural unfolding of beingness (presence).

But, we skip and hop each day in search of purpose and clarity. And, we can compare the search for enlightenment to hopping from place to place in this game. We find trinkets along the way that first seem to offer salvation. But, someone or something usually causes dissatisfaction along the way to fulfillment. These distractions and limitations are similar to the game bean bag, stone, button or anything used to motivate us.

However, a state of conscious enlightenment is here in each moment. The recognition of this conscious dimension is possible without the need for any outside influences. At best, you can use stepping stones such as this article, a conversation, or a book as sign posts. But, ultimately, you are the conscious presence that you seek. This acknowledgement will unfold when you are ready. And, you will know without needing to know how you know. Home, figuratively speaking, is your nature state of conscious presence.

Wishing you a nice day.


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lene devereux
lene devereux
2 years ago

Thank you, the article is an excellent signpost to universal consciousness. Lene

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