Reach Out and Consciously Touch Someone

Does this statement sound impossible? The mind will tell you yes. But, please don’t believe everything the mind tells you. And, never take the mind too seriously. So, can you consciously reach out to someone and unite? Yes, you can. Furthermore, this happens every moment. And, yes consciousness connects you with everything. So, it is obvious that consciousness is not something that is here and then fades away. This reference suggests that consciousness is not similar to a temporary thought or emotion that comes and goes.  Instead, consciousness manifests through your state of active awareness to it. Energy is the basis of this flowing process. This energy is ongoing. And, vibrates beyond the limitations of mind, space and time.


Therefore, you always share a conscious bond with everything. Similarly, this vibrating dimension is always there, whether you are aware of it or not. Furthermore, your level of aware presence can influence the flow of this energy.  Unite with this energy. And, just let it continue to flow. Acknowledge this flow and the result is an exponential expansion of pure awareness. Thus, you literally reach out and unite with the part of you that is within everything.

Everything Is Within Your Conscious Reach

Nevertheless, the development of our intellect inadvertently causes us to disregard the possibilities available in a conscious state of being. However, innately we sense the connection to other people and things. And, still unknowingly, due to lack of conscious awareness, people reach out to share this unity.  But, the mind usually restricts this flow. More accurately, let’s say that the mind diverts this energy for its own purposes.

Here is an example to illustrate distractions caused by mind clutter. Imagine a room that is empty. You furnish the room with various furniture and pictures. Two years pass. You feel tense when you enter the room. Also, your mind insists that you must make changes and add more furnishings to the room.  Hence, these thoughts cause more anxiety and frustration. So, you change the room furnishings. You repeatedly do this each time the mind demands changes.

So, stop and relax. Ask yourself is there is there something about the room that never changes? The room occupies space that is absolute. Details, such as pictures and furniture are insignificant. Space is synonymous with consciousness. Space is, presence is, and consciousness is.  Enlightenment unfolds through your awareness and conscious dedication to recognizing the space that is the true essence of your being.

You can reach out and reunite with the space that is beyond anything you encounter through mind or sensory perception. Thus, you realize enlightenment. The development of humanity can truly benefit from the practice of conscious living.

I wish you a happy and safe day.

P.S. Here is an article link that suggests the basis for consciousness in our existence.


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