Ebb and Flow Within Presence

Presence is a state of being. However, it is not the details of living such as thoughts, feelings and situations. Aware presence is beneficial in the process of conscious awakening. Furthermore, active awareness to the vibration of universal energy within everything changes how you experience life. Conscious awakening and the shift from mind details allows you to focus more readily on the transfer of universal energy. We can compare the movement of this energy to the ebb and flow of water.


Ask yourself the following questions. Do I nurture this ebb and flow? Or, do I contaminate it? Am I truly aware of presence itself? Or, do I unconsciously focus solely on mind details within this moment? Mind details and interventions appear to manipulate the act of presence and conscious awareness. Nevertheless, it is more accurate to express mind interference as a distortion of this flowing universal energy. Are you conscious of the flow of energy within this moment or just the detail symbols projected by the mind? There is a significant difference.

Here is an exercise, helpful during the process of conscious awakening. Focus awareness simply on the act of your being and living. Thus, with practice, you feel the vibrational flow and manifestation of energy within the beingness of your person.  Then, actively observe this interaction and transition in any given moment of awareness.  Sooner or later, you experience the unconditional act of being within this universal flow. This practice exercise reveals the ebb and flow within the universe. And, it becomes obvious that you are a co-creator of this marvelous movement. The universe swims within this manifested/non-manifested energy. Accordingly, so do you. And, you greatly influence how this energy manifests.

Universal Ebb and Flow Moves for You

It is your awareness to the act of being that offers balance and harmony in life. Therefore, do not center your attention on a thought, feeling or situation. Instead, actively observe to the ebb and flow of energy within your state of being. Do this even if, at first, it only lasts for a second in clock time. Your conscious awareness will expand and continue longer and longer with each experience. Therefore, how you observe and interact with the manifestation of this energy is significant in conscious enlightenment.

A word, thought, feeling or circumstance has no power or control over you. Does the act of living confuse you? Is it likely that you are misinterpreting the manifestation of your beingness? Your unconscious behavior causes the vibration of energy that is of your own creation. And, this unconscious act of living remains dominate until you are consciously ready to change.

Any experience, and the process of consciously awakening, are universal for everyone. Therefore, do not take any word, thought or situation too seriously. Instead, focus on the ebb and flow of energy that is in motion. And, observe how you influence this vibrational movement. Is the energy of your being harmoniously flowing within the energy of this moment? Or, do you unknowingly contaminate, restrict or completely block this flow?


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