Look Within, Without, and Beyond

Do you wish to take a closer look at yourself? This is easier than you may think. Look at everything surrounding you. What do you see? Furthermore where you are and what you are doing is of no true importance. You are actually observing yourself. You and the self are in everything. This refers to you as a person. This is the mental, emotional and physical aspects of being. And this refers to the self that is universal. Ultimately both are one and the same.


We usually experience mind energy resulting from mental, physical or emotional aspects. Additionally there are behavioral factors. Assumptions, beliefs, judgments, fear, and ego are the result of mind conditioning. Thus the mind uses these as reasons for labeling and defining everything. This occurs because we only mentally see something.

And this means that we mostly assume and judge. This happens when you look at everything from a self-centered viewpoint.  Hence, we don’t really see another person, plant, animal, or thing. Rather we regard our surroundings strictly with predispositions. These relate to the human tendencies mentioned above.

Look Beyond what the Mind Insists You See

Is it possible to see anything beyond the conditioned mind? This is only possible if we are willing to accept and see beyond our evolutionary generated confines. We have accepted mind limitations as real. But they are only as real as we choose to accept.  A change can occur when we actively (consciously) participate in living life. This practice seems very difficult during the first steps on an awakened path. But life is always there with open arms. Still, we must acknowledge the essence of our being in relation to this flowing energy. This will ensure permanent harmony even in temporary situations.

A practical exercise is possible in each moment. This is a two step process. The first is to observe the observer. Do this when experiencing anything. Regardless if this is a mental, emotional or physical experience. It would be beneficial not to project what you think or belief. We do not need the mind to consciously experience life or our partnership with it. It is possible to observe any situation from the space of consciousness. There is no need for human intervention. Sound impossible? It’s not.

The second step involves seeing the observer as what it really is in any moment. You are always the moment itself. You are the observer and observe from the dimension of universality. There is no separation and no attachment to anything you experience. Henceforth human form and universal oneness, can harmonize in the vastness of this totality.

Wishing everyone a joyful day!



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