Your Existence Is the Gateway to Love

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply love and live without the reasons why? And no, I am not suggesting the impossible. This is probably the key insight of my latest book and definitely the heartthrob of our existence. It is possible to live in harmony with life and to unconditionally love ourselves and all people and things. It sounds great to write or say this. However, accepting it and allowing it often seems to cause us great difficulty.


Ask yourself these questions. Is the manifestation of love in my existence usually flowing naturally? Or is it manipulated and restricted by the burden of thoughts, emotions, details, and reasons? It will not benefit your experience of love by saying you love someone because of this or that. In the end it comes down to a universal simplicity.

Do you wish to love? How do you desire to live? It may seem that this is an oversimplification of something that has always been a mystery. However, what do you have when you remove the excess baggage associated with love? This is a weight that has accumulated in our attempts to love and be loved by someone. Nevertheless, it was, is, and will always be within our power to change how we observe and experience love and life. The next stepping stone on this journey involves understanding deeply that because has nothing to do with love.

Your Existence Offers Unconditional Love

The mind wants us to think or believe that having a reason to love is necessary. It can use this logic to validate thought interpretations and definitions of love, at least temporarily. The mind deduces that there are reasons why we love. Therefore, the reasons seem to be practical. This may be convenient for the mind but doesn’t necessarily allow you to freely experience unconditional love.

Rather, pure love is obscured by concept and expectancy. This is often not realized, and a person will relentlessly strive to love and be loved. The reason or because becomes the center of attention. These are misinterpreted because the love that you truly can feel is beyond the words, symbols, and ideas. How do we escape this vicious cycle? We intrinsically know love. Its essence and purity is the reality that we are inspired to experience. Therefore, are we being foolish because our search is for something that we have already?

Wishing you a nice Day

P.S. This is an excerpt from my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance. The book is available worldwide on Amazon and other book retailers. 


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