Do You Embrace Life or Push It Away?

The word embrace offers a signpost to conscious awareness. Do you wish to live in balance and harmony? If yes, then welcome life with open arms. This gateway can offer a clearer understanding of life and living. This is a practical stepping stone in moving beyond mind limitations.  Nevertheless, the majority of people are anxious and fearful in daily activities. We cover-up anxiety with superficial and temporary distractions. Therefore, mind and body are always nervous with little or no genuine inner stillness.


But, mind-generated energy seeks a way out. Thus, this energy flow affects your interactions, whether personal or collective. And, the point of focus determines your life experience. So, please practice using the word as a signpost to the space that is beyond the mind. Your center of conscious attention is the gateway. I personally practice using the word embrace during various activities. Years ago, I came to realize that I almost always practice this in my experiences. An example of this would be my philosophy on weather conditions. I always embrace any weather condition, regardless if this is rain, snow, hot or cold. I literally consciously hug the heat or cold that I experience. Again, and again it is fascinating to observe how my state of conscious awareness benefits from this exercise.

Embrace the Moment as It Is and not as you Want It to Be  

You can practice this in any situation. And, I assure you that, with practice, you begin to experience everything differently. Actually, your thoughts, people and situations remain the same. But, how you observe everything is different due to your acceptance of the moment at hand.

Embrace is a delightful expression and using it during your experiences can open a clear portal to living more consciously. Here is an example. You hear a sound in your immediate surroundings. This activates the mind. And, the mind repeatedly tells you this sound stops you from enjoying yourself. Furthermore, the mind insists that you cannot relax because of this so-called noise.

So, what is really stopping you from relaxing and enjoying the moment? Is it the sound you hear? Or, are you tense and nervous because the mind tells you the sound is bothering you? There is a difference. Please pause and deeply ponder on this insight for a moment.  

You cannot truly experience something when the mind interferes with the flow of energy between you and any situation. The sound you hear is not the distraction. Instead, it is the minds unwillingness to experience the moment. What would happen if you embrace this so-called distraction? You would eventually, perhaps sooner, experience acceptance instead of non-acceptance. Non-attachment allows universal energy to flow. Thus, mind dominance and conditioned behavior fade into insignificance. Henceforth, freedom, kindness and love become the backbone of your life experience.

Any given situation can trigger mind activity. However, the willingness to embrace whatever happens releases your entanglement within the mind.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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