Mystery of Life: Experience It Without Labels

The mystery of life has held us in awe since the awakening of self-consciousness. The year was one million B.C. A silhouette appeared on a hilltop overlooking a valley. It was a primitive human being that stood there looking to the stars. A second member of the tribe appear, then a third, and a fourth. The first person pointed to the shiny points of light in the sky. He did this repeatedly for several minutes. And, this is how it began. We started to ask why? This was the dawn of self-consciousness.


Welcome to the mystery of life. Since then we have been labeling this mystery. The assumptions and labels are many. We first said that Gods gave us life. Eventually, this assumption changed to one God. Strangely, there is supposedly one God. But, many cultures and belief structures have a different God that is the only ‘one’ God.  Additionally, we use words and symbols to define what this God can do. Moreover, we assume to know what this God wishes and plans.

But why do we assume, interpret, and define this secret called life? We do this for the same reason(s) as the primitive tribe on the hillside. Because, the mind is always asking “why?”

Is Life Really a Mystery?

We seem to have come far since that moment as a primitive person staring at the stars. But, how have we evolved? Is it possible that we constantly take one step forward and two steps back? Yes, we have developed our intelligence and even imagination. But, mind conditioning has always overshadowed our development. There is a valid question to ask about our evolution. What has really changed within us? The inner universe reflects the outer universe.

Most people proclaim that words and symbols offer the meaning to live. We even fight and die for these worldly explanations. So, we argue and debate over the possibilities associated with our interpretations of life. But, what about living?

The use of words to explain what we don’t understand is typical. But, not beneficial to conscious awareness. This will probably remain unchanged for some time to come. That is fine. Significant for us is to acknowledge that we can change how we consciously observe any word, symbol or definition. We can become more aware of the mind and our relationship with it. It would be beneficial for our species to become universally humble. And, in the same instant recognize that we are universally divine. Energy manifests throughout the universe. Many objects are alive and have the capacity to experience universal consciousness.

What you are, reflects outward into the universe. So, ask yourself. Does the mind dominate your life experience? Or, are you awakening to conscious awareness? Remember, the unconscious mind distracts and deceives. Aware presence reveals and enlightens.

Best wishes


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