Pain! No, Thank You! I Have My Own

Pain has many faces. Physical discomfort, mental conditioning and behavior are examples of this suffering. So, let’s consider the discomfort that originates from these mindset traits. The pain body, as Eckhart Tolle describes it, is a menacing entity. And, is always lurking in the mental shadows of the mind during our interactions.


So, this mind affliction accompanies the majority of people each day. Similarly, what happens to this mind torment when two or more people meet?  Almost every person has some level of mind discomfort. Likewise, a few people are aware of this torture, most are not. This suffering is a personal and collective accumulation of experiences, conditioned behavior, and reactions.

Ask yourself this question? Is my conscious awakening deeply rooted in daily experiences? The majority of people are still not consciously awake. This gives any type of mental activity a chance to overtake a person’s conscious state of being. Therefore, two consciously unaware people add even more suffering to a given experience.  And so, on and so forth.

I recall many such encounters when I was younger. In hindsight, I realize that my lack of present moment awareness caused ongoing agony.  Myself and any given person often experienced unneeded suffering due to the lack of aware presence. Thus, we literally absorbed each other’s mental energy. This, in turn, acted as a catalyst for the inner pain body energy.

You Are not the Pain Body

However, the mind is very manipulative. A person that is oblivious to the mind activities accepts this mental discomfort as being very personal.  It is inconceivable to suggest that this mental ailment also originates in another person. Hence, most people either blame themselves, and more often, the other person for the experienced suffering.

Here is an exercise for you to practice. Try this the next time you are aware of any suffering during an encounter with someone. This exercise is also beneficial when you become aware of the pain body within you. Observe yourself and the person, situation or your own mind from a third person perspective.  This is especially helpful in nurturing your awareness to presence and the space within consciousness. Consequently, you readily detect the suffering in another person or within you own mind. Therefore, you will acknowledge that you are not the pain body. Instead, you are simply the observer, who is consciously aware.

Here it is essential that you are observing yourself from a place beyond the interference of the mind. You will begin to understand, with practice, that your inner well-being determines what happens during any encounter. Do not assume that the other person’s mental suffering is also your mental agony.  Hence, with practice, you experience the moment beyond mind entanglements. This will allow you to live, unencumbered, within the clarity of conscious awareness.

Wishing you a nice day

P.S. Here is an article from Psychology today discussion pain in body and mind.


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