Celebrate Spring Anytime of the Year

A flower, bush, or tree may seem to have a specific time to blossom. But, this interpretation is misleading. A plant capable of flourishing will do so regardless of time or season. We see this often in the changing of seasons, especially in the spring. Therefore, it is not unusual to see plants behave atypically for a certain season.


A change in temperature and sunshine can prompt trees to bud and flowers to push through the frozen earth. This type of mystical growth happens months before spring begins. Let’s emphasize the word change as a catalyst to inducing expansion and growth. They blossom because they can. And, there is no reason to explain why this occurs, other than a change occurs.

This is also true for you or me pertaining to conscious living and enlightenment to life. You will blossom and consciously awaken when you are ready. Thus, you greet the clarity of conscious living and accept changing how you live. This is a transformation. This is an analogy to a plant that changes its typical growth patterns and blossoms according to a favorable environment.

The Joy of Spring and the Blissfulness of Conscious Awakening

However, a person should not await this transformation at a certain time. Likewise, you should not expect a shift from mind to conscious awareness due to any given situation. The moment to blossom does not necessarily depend on the process of awakening to consciousness. The acknowledgement of your essence as a conscious and universal entity will occur when everything is conducive. Let’s simplify this last statement as follows. You will blossom consciously and spiritually when you know that you can bloom.

Conscious presence is something that a person should unconditionally realize and accept. People (the mind) inject too many guidelines and restrictions into the act of living. Thus, the world as gone mad. The unfolding of any person’s conscious awakening process may first involve illness or hardships. But a person free of sickness or financial burden may also become enlightened. Either is fine but not a prerequisite to experiencing conscious enlightenment. Life does not take sides or evaluate you due to existential merits. It will happen when you are ready, or it will not; you decide. Live life consciously. It is as simple as falling off a log. Universal consciousness blossoms through you. Are you ready to awaken to its fragrance?

I wish you joy, love and good health.


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