A Day Filled with Miracles: Part One

Miracles are all around us. There for us to experience and share. Do you wish to experience them? The key is to change our conditioned field of perspective. Furthermore, this is strictly a self-created mind dimension. It has resulted in manipulating and restricting our awareness to the miracles which life offers us in abundance. We have lost focus; thus, we remain confused. A miracle will reveal itself to us freely; when a person is willing to adjust his or her field of perception.


This adjustment is crucial to the development of object consciousness. This would allow the gifts of life (miracles) to manifest in our dimension of existence. The miracles are always there for us; such as life is always there. It is significant to understand that life is revealing itself through every object (human or otherwise). However, each life-form is influencing this manifestation. Therefore, you are co-creating what you experience.

“Do you want to experience miracles? Then be the miracle that you want to experience.”

I would like to share a personal experience with you. This may seem very abstract. However, may I suggest that you observe what I share from a perspective that is beyond the mind? I was walking through the main entrance area of the building where I work and focused on a passport photo booth in the main hallway. I suddenly remembered the cartoon Fred Flintstones. These cartoons always had appliances or photo booths that were operated by animals.

Miracles Are Everywhere

I decided to have a little fun with a few of the people in one of the offices. I asked a co-worker if she had a telephone number for the photo booth company. She said “no” and asked why I needed it. I told her that the booth smelled strange. Additionally, I added that there was a monkey looking out of a slot on the front side. It seemed to be hungry and thirsty. I continued by saying that the monkey would like someone to open the side door. The co-worker smiled but was not sure about my intentions.

I told her that that the monkey wants help putting new ink in the machine. We both laughed and I could sense that she did not completely relate to my dry humor. I was walking through the entrance way where the photo booth stands thirty minutes later. There was a repairman kneeling beside the open door of the photo booth. He was doing routine maintenance which included filling up several small plastic bottles with ink. The co-worker had not called him. However, he was there to fill up the ink bottles.

Miracles and Consciousness

I was baffled due to the intuitive feeling I had experienced before his arrival. My initial reaction when I had seen the photo booth was a feeling of insight; then had the visions of the Fred Flintstones cartoons. It was obvious to me that I had somehow felt that a repairman would soon be working on the booth. It was possible to feel this before it happened. The opening between object and universal consciousness widened as I became aware of it.

Many people may be saying “What is the big deal? It was nothing more than a coincidence.” My wishes are not to convince you of anything. I am only suggesting that there is more to our causal experiences when we are able to let go and live in presence. Looking behind the curtain of mind details and interference may truly reveal an abundance of miracles.

Best wishes


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